SAA: Instead of building for citizens, the metro is being built for investors

The president of the City Board of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA) for Belgrade, Mila Popović, stated today, on the occasion of the announcement of the beginning of the construction of the subway, that we are “before the adoption of the most disastrous project for the city of Belgrade and the whole of Serbia.”

In a written statement, Popovic stated that “instead of building a subway for citizens and for Belgrade, a subway is being built for investors and only to force stubbornness in places where there are no people.”

“A subway is being built that does not connect the centers of Old and New Belgrade and which will be used by a very small number of citizens. Even those in front of whose houses there will be a subway will not need to enter it because it will not lead them anywhere,” said Popovic.

Popovic publicly called on Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic, who said earlier today that the Faculty of Civil Engineering did not win the conflict of arguments for the construction of the subway with others, “to publish the names of all experts and let them respond in writing to each of the Faculty of Civil Engineering’s objections.”

“Let’s see what kind of experts won and with what arguments, because we can’t find out in public. If Goran Vesić doesn’t know how to do that, we call on those strong experts to give a counter-argument to every remark given by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the public apartment.” behind this subway project, “Popovic said.

She added that “these experts should directly answer why the route is better than the one from 2012, which was three times cheaper, and whether the metro route of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will really solve the traffic problems in Belgrade and how “.

“I guess no one is ashamed to say, here I am for the subway not to pass even the main bus and train station because it’s better. Let them say that here I am behind the fact that there will be more passengers on Sava Square than on the busiest. stations in London or that the tunnels should go underground in New Belgrade “, stated Popović.

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