The Ministry of Village Care has awarded half a billion dinars in grants to 57 cooperatives

The Ministry for the Care of the Village announced that at today’s session, the Commission approved 57 requests for non-refundable funds intended for the improvement of the business of cooperatives this year on the entire territory of Serbia.
The money was given to 18 old cooperatives, for which up to 15 million were allocated per cooperative, and 39 new cooperatives, for which the amount of up to 7.5 million dinars was intended.

Thus, 15 farmers, 21 fruit growers, six cattle breeders, four vegetable growers, four winegrowers, four beekeepers, one cooperative engaged in the production of medicinal herbs will improve their business, and the novelty of this year’s competition is that one tourist and one social cooperative received funds.

Two cooperatives from Kosovo from the village of Stanisor and Laplje Selo fulfilled the conditions of the competition and received funds for the purchase of mechanization in farming, it is stated in the announcement.

This year, 500 million dinars were allocated for the Program of Support to the Development of Cooperatives by allocating non-refundable funds for the improvement of business and technological development of cooperatives.

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