Thousands of police officers, firefighters and other city workers in New York were taken to the IDF today (Monday) because they refused the mayor’s order, Bill de Bellasio, to receive at least one vaccine. As of yesterday, more than 20,000 city workers remained unvaccinated, according to data Published by de Blasio’s office.

“9,000 people were sent to the IDF today,” Mitch Schwartz, the mayor’s spokesman, told Fox News this morning. They can work. “

De Bellasio tweeted on Saturday that 91% of city employees had been vaccinated – a jump from just 83% the night before. “More than half of the workers who have not yet been vaccinated have applied for exemptions, and they are being processed,” he added in a tweet on Sunday. Earlier today de Bellasio thanked city employees who chose to get vaccinated. “You did the right thing, you defended yourself, and you are helping our city move forward.”

As of last night, the New York Police Department, which employs 36,000 police officers and 19,000 civilian workers, reported an immunization rate of 84%, and the fire department vaccinated 80%.

Senior firefighters’ union has called on the mayor to give them more time to decide whether to get the vaccine or not. “We force these decisions on the members of the organization, and they act accordingly. Some of them get the vaccine, and there were some who retired after serving the public in New York for more than 25 years,” said James McCarthy, head of the city’s fire department.

More than 2,000 firefighters went on sick leave

“We needed some time, that’s all,” McCarthy added. “We tried to negotiate for more time to make those decisions.”

In response to the municipality’s move, 2,300 firefighters in New York went on sick leave. According to de Bellasio, this move has no effect on public safety.

New York Fire Department Commissioner Daniel A. Negroes, called them back to work. “If you are sick – you are sick. It is a dangerous job, I understand that. If you are not sick, I want to see you back at work,” he said at a press conference. “Once ward members recover and stop using sick leave improperly, they can help not only the city’s residents – but also their brothers and sisters who staff the units,” he added.

Fire stations remained open, but 18 of the 350 fire crews did not operate, and in many units there is a shortage of staff, the commissioner detailed. He said that on normal days only 1,000 firefighters are on sick leave – less than half the current number. “I asked them to rethink it, to remember their oath of office,” Negro said, noting “it not only affects the people they serve, it also affects their brothers and sisters in the ward who are forced to fill their place.”

De Bellasio announced that anyone who misused his sick days would face very serious consequences. “When a municipal employee forges a sick and endangers other people’s lives, it’s a serious thing, and it will have consequences.”

Dermot Shea, New York Police Commissioner, said the vast majority of police officers who were not vaccinated sought exemption for religious or medical reasons. The city is also preparing manpower shortage plans.

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