Sarajevo media: Serbia will borrow gas from BiH, citizens will not be left without heating

Serbia will lend BiH the necessary quantities of gas, so that the citizens of BiH will not be left without heating due to a malfunction on the gas pipeline in Bulgaria, the Sarajevo portal Klix reported tonight.

As it is stated, the company “Srbijagas” today provided emergency quantities of gas from Hungary after the breakdown of the gas pipeline in Bulgaria, and in the afternoon a decision was made to release part of the gas to BiH.

According to the Sarajevo portal, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, approved “Srbijagas” to lend 300,000 cubic meters to BiH by morning, and if necessary, to lend gas tomorrow, no more than 600,000 cubic meters.

The valves in Zvornik, at the entry point in BiH, were turned off this morning after the breakdown in Bulgaria, but according to the latest information, the gas should flow to Sarajevo and Zenica again tonight.

The breakdown on the gas pipeline in the east of Bulgaria happened early this morning, and the works on the pipe that goes to Serbia, ie Bosnia and Herzegovina, are still going on, and it is not known how long the Bulgarians will need to fix the breakdown.

The director of “Srbijagas”, Dušan Bajatović, said today that the new quantities of gas left Hungary at around 2 pm and that the supply in Serbia has been normalized, as well as that new quantities will be ordered tomorrow if necessary.

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