Brnabic: The Serbian government has the capacity to repel all economic shocks

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, stated today that the state has the capacity to repel all economic shocks, such as the current energy crisis.

“It requires a lot of work and it could not be done without the cooperation of the Government of Serbia and the President of the Republic. Thus we manage to resist all the crises that have been so far and continue to grow, create jobs, increase salaries and pensions, and to maintain macroeconomic stability and for our public debt not to exceed 60 percent of GDP, “Brnabic said, answering a journalist’s question, after presenting the results of a year of work by the current composition of the Serbian government.

She reiterated that the state always keeps funds in reserve for emergencies and crises that may arise, which is why a more conservative economic model of the budget for next year was chosen.

“This means going with a 7.4 percent increase in public sector wages and 5.5 percent pensions, to leave significant room for any unforeseen circumstances. Despite all that, I expect the GDP growth trend to continue in 2022. “Salary and pensions and living standards are budgeted that way, and the budget will soon be in the Assembly,” said Brnabić.

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