The director of the company CarGo Technologies, Vuk Guberinić, assessed today that the announcement of the abolition of the annual income tax for those under 40 is a brave and good measure because it will act as a long-term stimulus to the domestic economy.

Speaking on Euronews television, Guberinic said that tax incentives mean investing in young people, and that tax cuts for the research and development sector mean new investments and new jobs for them.

“CarGo Technologies as a young IT company has Cargo Lab, an innovation team where we exchange ideas and ‘cook’ innovations. The great news is that young people entering the labor market will also have tax breaks. This will create new value and new value will. to create a better Serbia “, said the director of CarGo.

Guberinić reminded that he believes that CarGo reached the Forbes list of the ten most innovative companies for that reason, which are changing the industry radically as the only company from Serbia.

When asked about the cost of tax incentives for young people, he said that it is especially important to monitor the effects of measures not only from the tax side but also from the side of opening new businesses.

“I think it is a very measurable thing and at the end of the day we will see how many new people are employed in the IT industry. Definitely the trend is such that young people are increasingly opting for this industry,” Guberinić said.

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