With the flying taxi you will reach the Fiumicimo airport in 20 minutes

From Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci airport to the center of Rome, and vice versa, in just 20 minutes. Zero emissions. this is one of the main advantages that “VoloCity” will bring, the innovative taxi of the skies created by the German company Volocopter which will be exhibited in Piazza San Silvestro, in the heart of Rome, from 2 to 4 November. The take-off of the new vehicle is expected within the next 3 years, the time necessary both to complete the flight adjustment and to develop the vertical take-off “vertiporti”, necessary to allow the departure and landing of the sky taxis.

Two fronts on which ENAC, ENAV and Aeroporti di Roma are working intensively, to ensure that Rome is among the first major capitals in the world where this new form of urban air mobility can start.

Passengers and speed, the characteristics

These are the main features of VoloCity, which will initially be able to carry two people (one of which will be the pilot, even if later the vehicle will be completely autonomous): the air taxi can travel at a maximum speed of 110 km / h and cover a distance of 35 km. Once a journey is complete, the lithium-ion batteries – installed in 9 units on board the aircraft – can be replaced within 5 minutes, allowing for a quick restart.

This also significantly increases battery life, lowering the price of flights and ensuring 100% intact batteries on every flight. The VoloCity has a maximum take-off weight of 900 kg, of which 700 kg are the weight of the empty vehicle and the remaining 200 kg the transportable mass (between passengers and luggage). Safety is maximum, as 18 independent rotors are installed on the air taxi, powered by as many engines.

Each individual rotor has a diameter of 2.3 meters and the overall diameter of the vehicle is 11.3 meters. The motors are completely electric, of the BLDC type (Brushless Dc electric motor) and allow a totally sustainable journey, without any type of emission. Thanks to the work of Aeroporti di Roma and Volocopter, with the full support of the investment holding Atlantia (shareholder of both companies), urban air mobility will soon have an important role in Rome.

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