Rio Tinto announced tonight that it does not decide on contractors on the Loznica bypass, as some media in Serbia reported. “The construction of the state road section is also financed by state institutions. Any mention of the participation of Rio Sava, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto in Serbia is developing the Jadar project, in the selection or agreement with any potential contractor on the construction of such a road is for that reason in itself unfounded “, it is stated in the announcement.

It is added that the allegations that appeared in the media that in agreement with Rio Sava Exploration, the Valjevo Road Company will be engaged in the construction of the infrastructure planned for the future lithium mine that Rio Tinto plans to open in the vicinity of Loznica, are therefore untrue.

“The detailed plan for the regulation of the section of the state road that was mentioned on this occasion was adopted by the local self-government bodies, and the works will be carried out according to the plan, in accordance with the law and regulations, by a company authorized by the competent state body.” shares, “Rio Tinto said in a statement.

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