RTS: The Government of Serbia recommended to EPS not to change the price of electricity for the economy until December 1, 2021

The Government of Serbia has recommended to the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) not to change the price of electricity for the economy until December 1, 2021, RTS reported tonight.

Customers on the free market are offered a limited extension of valid contracts or postponement of already concluded contracts, so businessmen whose supply contract expired on October 31 are given the opportunity to extend it until the end of November.

The same offer is valid for those businessmen who are on reserve supply, and the contract also expired at the end of October. They are being offered a new contract for electricity supply for November at the same price.

Businessmen who have signed a new contract on supply at a higher price, which is valid from November 1, can postpone its implementation until December 1.

On the Serbian market, 63 suppliers have a license for electricity supply, and only 11 of them are active, but due to the most favorable price, EPS supplies more than 95% of consumers.

The current price of electricity on the market is between 70 and 135 euros per megawatt hour. At the panel of the American Chamber of Commerce, experts warned that the selling price of electricity will not return to the average 60 euros per megawatt hour, as it was before the crisis, and that next year the average price of electricity will be 120 euros.

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