Elected New York Mayor Announces “I Will Receive Bitcoin Salaries”

Elected New York Mayor Eric Adams tweeted today (Thursday) that he will take his first three salaries in Bitcoin when he takes office this coming January. “New York is going to be the center of the fast-growing cryptocurrency and innovation industries,” he wrote.

Adams said last night in an interview with Bloomberg Radio that he is exploring the direction of a CityCoin-style digital currency like in Miami (“MiamiCoin“), which is very successful. “We’re going to look at how to do that in New York,” noted the elected mayor, from the Democratic side of the map. “We want New York to be more crypto – friendly. What is preventing the growth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in our city? “

Adams defeated his Republican rival Curtis Sliva on Tuesday, as expected, in a landslide victory and became the city’s second black mayor. This is after he has served for the past seven years as president of the Bronx borough and before that served about 20 years in the police force. Throughout his campaign he has focused on fighting crime and creating a business-friendly city. When asked how he would keep technology jobs in the city, Adams said he would do so “by doing what I do.” He will replace Bill de Bellasio, also a Democrat, in January, after an eight-year term.

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