PKS: Designers, interior designers and designers have agreed on new deals for the markets of Arab countries
About 90 builders from Serbia and 30 businessmen from more than 10 countries from four continents during bilateral business talks at the world exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai discussed the possibilities of cooperation and agreed on specific tasks in the field of design, arrangement and design, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce announced today. ).The director of Urban Planning Guide Engineering in Abu Dhabi, which has been operating in the markets of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the Emirates for 13 years, Ognjen Sudzum, said that the delegation from Serbia will be very successful when it comes to new business. Urban Planning plans to cooperate with about 10 new partners from Serbia.

“We are working on subway projects, regionally, as well as on the subway in Doha, then, projects of bridges and underground passages, and we will hire external associates from Serbia for those jobs,” said Suzum.

The owner of the company Plazmatex from Čačak, which manufactures and designs special machine lines for innovative products and recycling plastics, Branimir Plazinić said that meetings with companies from Dubai, interested in innovative products, production expansion, were most useful at several business forums. as well as with Indian companies.

Director of Bexel Consulting, which develops software solutions for digital projects and operates in 50 countries around the world, Veljko Janjic said that the Business Hub is a great support to businessmen at the world exhibition.

“We will present our company to representatives of about 15 companies from this region, where we already operate, and these days we have met the first new partners. We received signals from one of the largest contractors, the state investment company Abu Dhabi, that we will work on larger projects,” he said. is Janjic.

He added that this demanding market is not Eldorado, but for those who are responsible, serious and professional, it offers huge opportunities.

Parsons’ interest in cooperation, among other things, was marked by the participation of representatives of the platform at the world exhibition. Director and founder of the platform that connects engineers and companies in the construction industry, Miljan Mikic, said that they had interesting talks with representatives of the United States, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia, as well as with companies from Serbia that already operate in the Emirates.

The owner and director of the company “Pujo” from Belgrade, Ognjen Turanjanin, said that they have established contacts and cooperation with a large number of companies, and that Dubai is especially interesting for them as a trade center for India and African countries, and besides Dubai for Lebanon and Egypt. as well as the Saudi Arabian market due to investment potential.

“B2B meetings are an opportunity for our companies to get acquainted, in addition to foreigners, with our diaspora, which shares experiences and offers opportunities for cooperation. In the market of the Emirates, given the distance, the most promising for cooperation are companies in the field of construction services. starting from planning, design, interior, exterior, arrangement, furniture production, IT in the service of construction operations, to monitoring and maintenance of construction facilities “, said the secretary of the Association for Construction Industry of Serbia Ivana Vuletić.

The director of the business program Expo 2020 Dubai, Marko Selaković, assessed that the first month of Serbia’s appearance at the Expo is historic because 350 companies from Serbia participated in the world exhibition, through three business delegations.

“We opened the Business Hub of Serbia in Dubai, which is the first time that Serbia supports its businessmen in this way and makes it easier for them to do business abroad. The first investment conference was held, for the first time in history in this region. In one delegation, 158 businessmen from 77 companies are participating in the thematic week Urban and Rural Development “, said Selaković.

More than 2,000 business contacts, dozens of specific business opportunities, more than 10 pre-agreements and contracts, several agreements, a list of countries with which Serbia has B2B contacts during the Expo testify, as stated in the statement, about the competitiveness of Serbian companies worldwide .

In two days, Serbia had B2B meetings with the delegation of India, the USA, Slovakia, many individual meetings with companies coming from Hungary, Latvia, Iran, Germany, Korea …

It is emphasized that the 4S Initiative of Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia and Serbia will be held today, and that companies from those countries will present their potentials in the field of wood industry and sustainable construction.

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