Agrarian analyst: Our livestock is at the level of the least developed countries

Agrarian analyst Branislav Gulan stated today that cattle breeding participates in the gross domestic product of agriculture with only 30 percent, which is a characteristic of the least developed countries.

“The Minister (of Agriculture Branislav Nedimović) hurried to say that we will now export meat, but it should take at least four to seven years to renew the livestock, which has been collapsing for years,” Gulan told the Agrosmart and VOICE portals.

He added that Serbia had a record yield of eight million tons of corn last year.

“We have so many cattle that four million tons are enough for us to eat and we brag that we are a big exporter of corn. We export three million tons a year to Macedonia, where it consumes it to feed pigs, which it sells after us. We actually export raw material for food production, ”Gulan said.

Milk producer from the area of ​​Sabac, Goran Vasić, said that they could not find a market for cattle for three years.

“People will not deal with it anymore. My son is 28 years old and currently there is no younger farmer in the village. All the young people have left, even the school is closed in the village which is eight kilometers away from Sabac,” Vasic said.

According to him, when someone sells the last cow from the barn, he never bought it again or never engaged in production again.

“Whoever picked himself up from that job once, did not return,” Vasic said.

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