From Italy a project to predict machinery failures in manufacturing companies

Developing an intelligent system that allows companies to predict ‘downtime’, one of the major problems within manufacturing companies.

The Simple project was born with this objective, acronym for Smart Manufacturing Machine with Predictive Lifetime Electronic maintenance.

The protagonists are five leading companies in the mechanical sector with operational headquarters in the Marche region and on a network between them: Sigma, specialized in the production and management of electronic equipment, Clabo, manufacturer of refrigerated display cases for food retail, Simonelli Group, which designs and manufactures espresso coffee machines, Schnell, a global player in production of automatic machines for processing iron for reinforced concrete, and Pieralisi, among the first producers in the world in the production of oil plants and machines and for centrifugal separation.

The project, supported by the University of Camerino and the Polytechnic of Marche, will lead to the development of sensorized and technologically advanced products, with regard to connectivity, adaptability and intelligence, which will constitute a new and advanced class of products, connected, monitored and controllable both locally than remotely.

In addition, it will be developed a platform capable of implementing ‘predictive maintenance’ logic to predict events that affect the operation of the machinery connected to it.

The project aims to become an Italian best technology, supported by a 2.5 million capital loan (2.2 million from Mise and the rest of the Marche Region), which will favor investments for 9.6 million.

The impact on the territory is also significant, both in terms of employment and on the related side, with a positive drive towards innovation, especially for suppliers of materials and services.

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