Battle for Kosutnjak initiative: Due to the subway, every household in Belgrade will be indebted 7,000 euros

The initiative Battle for Kosutnjak announced on the occasion of the session of the Belgrade City Assembly scheduled for tomorrow, at which councilors will decide on the Draft Plan for General Regulation of Rail Systems in Belgrade regarding the start of construction of the subway, that “Serbia has never in its history the number of councilors decides on such an important topic and the enormous financial burden “.

Today’s announcement of the initiative states that “these are issues that are of great importance not only for the citizens of Belgrade but also for the whole of Serbia, because all citizens of Serbia will be indebted to international loans.”

“With the announced price of over five billion euros, that means that every household in Belgrade will be indebted with 7,000 euros and no one has asked the citizens if they agree. The city of Belgrade does not have an economy that can finance such a project,” the statement reads.

The initiative Battle for Kosutnjak also states that the president of the commission for plans and city architect Marko Stojčić “refused to hand over the recording of the public debate, which was supposed to be broadcast live by the city television Studio B”, but the broadcast was interrupted when the organizations that were to speak oppose the project, including the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

“Therefore, not only the spectators but also the councilors did not have the opportunity to hear the words of top experts. Therefore, the city councilors do not have information and data on the basis of which they could make decisions on behalf of all citizens of Belgrade,” the statement said. It is added that the Battle of Kosutnjak will “continue the started systemic fight with the ultimate goal that the subway will connect people and not fields and future tycoon settlements”.

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