Conference on telecommunications and media: New digital trends are changing the way of life

Assistant Minister of Culture and Information of Serbia, Slavica Trifunović, said today that the global media and entertainment industry is known for its proactive approach when it comes to adopting and creating new digital trends that significantly change and improve our everyday life.

“The Ministry of Culture and Information, together with our partners, launched initiatives and activities that improve media and digital literacy, understanding the impact of artificial intelligence on freedom of expression, we strengthened the capacities of all actors in the field of ethical standards in the digital age,” said Trifunović in Belgrade at the regional conference on trends in telecommunications and media Digital 2022.
As pointed out at the meeting, according to a study by Price Waterhouse Coopers, after a decline of 2.3 percent in 2020, total global entertainment and media revenues increased by 10.4 percent in 2021 and continued their trend of outpacing global growth.

Expectations are that in 2022, the revenues of this industry will grow by another 7.3 percent.

The Ambassador of Italy to Serbia Luka Gori said that Italy is ready to be Serbia’s partner in the further development of the sector of information technology, artificial intelligence and innovation.

He emphasized that the digital era is here and that people have to adapt to it.

“This is exactly why Italy launched the Digital Italy 2026 agenda, where it will invest 48 billion euros in the period from 2022 to 2026 for the further implementation of digitization through all spheres of society,” said Gori.

The Ambassador of Japan to Serbia, Takahiko Katsumata, said that Japan has a vision to build a society in which every citizen can choose optimal services that meet different requirements so that digital support facilitates their daily needs.

“We believe that digitization will help us achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability and that people have fulfilling lives,” said Katsumata.

The general director of Telekom Serbia, Vladimir Lučić, pointed out that the company recorded an increase in revenue for the first half of the year compared to the previous one, and that they are particularly proud that the mobile industry is recording double-digit growth.

“At Telekom Serbia, the situation is favorable, because we have finished the main part of our financial investments, we are currently collecting the fruits of those investments. The biggest investment that lies ahead is 5G and the European Investment Bank will be our partner in providing a 5G network,” he said.

He announced that Telekom will open branches in Switzerland in October, and then in Germany.

The General Director of Orion Telekom Slobodan Đinović pointed out that all telco operators will have to invest more in their systems in the coming period.

“Our goal is that if the reference interest rate continues to grow, our interest rate will remain the same, in order to maintain our stability. We will certainly deal with issues of energy and alternative sources of energy, I think that all societies will eventually have to deal with it”, he said.

He assessed that operators will have problems if they do not have their own infrastructure.

“We are constantly working on this segment of our business. Our biggest problem is the capital cost, which is atypical for other markets. The competition here is strong and good for us,” said Đinović.

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