Trading Review: Ongoing Reports, Trends, Indices, Stocks, Bonds, Forex and Commodities and Analyst Recommendations


A calm opening in the European stock markets this morning, which register only slight fluctuations. Dax and Kak are trading steadily, Potsy is down 0.1%.

In the crypto market, the positive trend continues with Ether still at a high of $ 4,725, while Bitcoin is approaching $ 66,000. The Bitcoin high rate was set on October 20, and stood at $ 66,974.

Dr. Ron Eichel, Chief Analyst at Colmax Capital Markets, this morning released a strong buy recommendation for the corona drug and vaccine maker, Pfizer . “The pharma company reported that profits and sales more than doubled in the last quarter and raised the forecast for financial results for the entire year. The company expects revenue in 2021 of $ 81-82 billion, an increase of $ 2 billion from its preliminary estimates. The company also raised its earnings per share forecast by 3% to 5%. Technically, the stock is in a buy position for the coming week. The momentum indicator is positive. The support line is at the level of $ 35.28. The resistance line is at the level of $ 52.09, “the review said.


The Nikkei index in Tokyo closed down 0.3%. JFE Holdings lost over 11%, Honda lost 3.3%. On the other hand, Olympus jumped by 6% and the oil drilling giant Infax rose by 2.5% against the background of the rise in oil prices.

In Australia the index closed steadily, in South Korea the Kospi lost 0.3% while in Taiwan there was an increase of 0.7%.


While futures trading is declining slightly, in Asia the trend is mixed. The Nikkei in Tokyo is down 0.2% and the Hang Seng is down 0.4%. In Shanghai, on the other hand, there was an increase of about 0.3% and the Shenzhen index rose by 0.4%.

Japanese steel giant JFE Holdings dives 11% in Tokyo (the highest trading volume on the Nikkei index) after posting results for the first half of the year that it overtook earnings forecasts but missed revenue. In Hong Kong, declines are being recorded at WuXi Biologics, electric vehicle maker Gili, Alibaba and Tencent.

In the commodity market, price increases are mainly recorded, with both types of crude oil adding about 1%. Gold is up 0.3% at $ 1,822 an ounce.

In the crypto segment, the trend is positive. Bitcoin is up 5% to $ 65.5 thousand, Heather is at an all-time high and is trading at more than $ 4,700. The ripple is up 10 percent to $ 1.28 a unit.

The reporting season on Wall Street continues, and this week many Israeli companies will publish results – including Tower (Today), Gilat, Faber, Iron Source, Celebrity, Lemonade, Pioneer, Monday, Innovies, SimilarWeb, Nice, Weeks and Outbrain. Apart from the Israelis, the payments giant’s reports will be published this week PayPal , Walt Disney, AstraZeneca, Softbank, AMC, Coinbase and more.

About 3.5 million Twitter surfers participated yesterday in a survey conducted by Alon Musk, founder Tesla , In which he wondered whether to sell 10% of his shares in response to criticism that unrealized gains are a way to evade tax. In an earlier tweet he promised that he would meet the results of the referendum “whatever”, and 57.9% of voters voted he should sell the shares.

Musk holds more than 17% of the electric car maker’s shares, which are valued at more than $ 200 billion. According to the closing price of the stock last Friday ($ 1,222), the sale of 10% of its shares is worth about $ 21 billion. He will have to pay 20% capital gains tax – about $ 4.2 billion.

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