The cryptocurrency market has surpassed $ 3 trillion

The cryptocurrency market has overtaken for the the first time in history the 3 trillion dollars.

This was recorded by the CoinGecko observatory, which tracks the value of about 10,000 cryptocurrencies.

In these hours it is being recorded a new rise in digital currencies, with Bitcoin returning to record values ​​of $ 67,000 (alone capitalizing 1.245 billion, about 45% of the cryptocurrency market) Ethereum traveling on $ 4,730 and Binance Coin on $ 643.

The analysts, who are unable to give themselves an explanation of what is happening now on the digital currency market, are blown away: “The cryptocurrency market is swelling at an impressive rate“, said Ipek Ozkardeskaya, an analyst at SwissQuote, who believes the increases are mainly due to speculative dynamics, but also to some” real factors “, such as the new products launched on the American market that allows investors to bet on the trends of cryptocurrencies.

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