In a joint statement from the chambers, the pharmaceutical industry agreed to roll back prices to November 1 and freeze medications until January 7 2022, date set by the Secretary of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti and the deadline coinciding with the food agreement.

However, in principle, freezing involves only prescription drugs, that is, they require a prescription. Not so the over-the-counter.

The joint decision between CAEME, CILFA and COOPERALA, the three main chambers of the sector, comes after the meeting they had last Thursday with Feletti and the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti.

“Within the framework of collaboration and good dialogue initiated in the Ministry of Health last Thursday, regarding the evolution of the economy and the prices of medicines, CAEME, CILFA and COOPERALA have stated to the Secretary of Commerce of the National Government that the companies associated with each of the cameras have shown their willingness to roll back prescription drug prices of all the segments at the sale price to the public on Monday, November 1 and, likewise, their willingness to maintain said prices stable until January 7, 2022, “they said.

But in the statement they also make another reservation: “Based on the above, Each associated laboratory will exercise the power to adhere individually to this initiative “.

After the caveats, the communiqué ends with good form before the negotiation that aims to lower inflation, the reason for the incorporation of Feletti to the Cabinet.

“The pharmaceutical industry present in Argentina maintains its goodwill and collaboration with the Government. Likewise, it reiterates its commitment to working for equitable access, as it has been doing for many years through various agreements with the different actors in the health system, “the document concludes.

The statement was signed by the Business Chamber of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (COOPERALA), the Industrial Chamber of Argentine Pharmaceutical Laboratories (CILFA) and the Argentine Chamber of Medical Specialties (CAEME).


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