Tonight, the company Rio Tinto condemned the attacks on its employees and pointed out that it has been operating in Serbia for 20 years, respecting all its regulations.

“Lately, we have been facing a strong campaign based on nonsense and which not only harms the company’s reputation, but also brings unrest to the local community,” the company said in a statement. The impact that the Jadar project will have on Western Serbia and beyond is being conveyed through the media and the community, despite the company’s constant efforts to hear proven, science-based facts. “

“The result of the disinformation-based campaign is the attack on Rio Tinto employees that took place today, on two occasions. First, a group of our employees was prevented from moving freely on public roads, which is why the police had to react, and then in another separate In the incident, one of the employees from our partner company was physically attacked, which is why he was given help at the Emergency Center, “the statement reads.

The case was reported to the competent authorities.

The unfounded attacks on Rio Tinto, as it was pointed out, also concern the company’s attitude towards the purchase of land.

“Land acquisition is carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia and in accordance with best global practices, as well as in accordance with Performance Standard 5, International Finance Corporation. Land acquisition is carried out only at the request of the owner. Accusations of intimidation and blackmail do not stand. claim representatives of Rio Tinto.

An invitation was sent to all those who have evidence that the locals are intimidated and blackmailed to sell the land to contact Rio Tinto and the competent institutions, because such behavior is contrary to corporate values.

If it is proven that someone did that on their own, the company will, as it was pointed out in the announcement, act in accordance with its internal rules.

It is added that the company Rio Tinto condemns all forms of violence and appeals to “open an open dialogue based on facts, on the topic of the project of exploring the Jadarite site in the vicinity of Loznica, and that the opinions and activities of individuals are based on facts instead of passion.”

“For two decades, we have been partners and neighbors of the inhabitants of Jadra and the surrounding area, and we are making every effort so that our good relations are not disturbed by the actions of certain interest groups,” the company claims.

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