Did you think that the Israeli delegation to the UN Climate Conference (COP26) was large? This is a number of emissaries that is several times greater than that sent by any country in the world to the summit, according to a report by the organization of struggles and environmental investigations “Global Witness”.

According to an analysis conducted by the organization based on the UN’s tentative list of participants, at least 503 participants directly related to the coal, oil and gas companies have so far attended the conference – which began last week and will last until the end of this week. Gazprom, of and BP, as well as members of delegations and groups operating on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, with the use of fossil fuels being the biggest driver of man-made climate change.

“The presence of hundreds of those being paid to push the toxic interests of polluting fossil fuel companies will only increase the skepticism of climate activists, who see these talks as further evidence of global leaders evading responsibility and delaying the necessary actions,” said Murray Worthy, Global Witness operatives. “. “It’s time for politicians to show that they are serious about stopping the influence of the big polluters on political decision-making, and to commit to a future where the voices of experts take center stage.”

The UN climate conference, which is currently being held, is attended by about 40,000 people. According to the data, Brazil sent the largest delegation, with about 480 representatives. Britain, the host, is in the field with a delegation of 230 representatives, and Israel sent about -140 representatives.

27 countries have registered lobbyists of polluting companies as part of their mission

The lobby for fossil fuel companies at the climate conference is larger than the total of the eight delegations representing the most vulnerable countries to climate change in the last two decades: Puerto Rico, Myanmar, Haiti, the Philippines, Mozambique, the Bahamas, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In total, 27 countries have registered polluters from polluting fuel companies to attend the conference as part of their delegation, including Canada, Russia and Brazil.

Worthy summed up the report on behalf of Global Witnesses, saying that “the architects of the climate crisis cannot build a livable future when they are the ones who have already burned down the house. Their impact is one of the biggest reasons why 25 years of hau climate talks” M did not lead to a real reduction in global emissions. The people at the forefront of this crisis, not the polluters, are the lifeline we need at the moment. “

One of the largest groups, numbering about 100 representatives, belongs to the International Association of Refugee Traders (IETA), whose members also include members of the oil and gas company BP. It is an organization supported by the major oil companies, and promotes controversial mechanisms of offsetting carbon emissions and trade, in a way that will allow companies to continue to produce fossil fuels even in the long run, despite the countries’ commitments.

According to the UN, many fuel manufacturers will actually increase production in the coming years

A recent report by the UN Environment Program found that although the conference convenes under the leaders’ commitments to reset emissions in the coming decades and a commitment to decisive action to keep warming below half a century to the end of the century, many of the world’s largest fossil fuel producers still plan to increase production in the coming years. , In which humanity will have to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half, will burn far more fossil fuels than is in line with global climate promises.

According to the same analysis, which examined the commitments of 15 major economies to estimate the use of fossil fuels by 2030, the world will use 110% more coal, oil and gas beyond what is needed to limit the temperature to a degree and a half warming compared to the pre-industrial period, and 45% More than the amount that will allow the warming to remain even at a threshold of 2 degrees.

Over the last few days, there has been strong criticism among environmental organizations regarding the “green rendering” campaign of commercial companies and government officials from around the world at the UN Climate Conference, and the connections of politicians and fossil fuel companies. , Boris Johnson, has received 拢 1.3 million in donations from oil companies or businesses belonging to energy tycoons or institutes questioning climate science, since 2019.

Greenpeace is sharply critical of the fact that a possible draft of the final declaration of the leaders of the countries as approved at the end of this week’s conference does not contain any mention of phasing out coal, oil and gas gradually – contrary to scientists’ recommendations and required to limit global warming. According to Greenpeace, Saudi Arabia and Australia are blocking significant countries’ initiatives at the conference. Experts at the International Energy Agency testified this year in a special report that new fossil fuel projects beyond those already started this year will not allow the achievement of the Paris Agreement goals.

“The wording of the agreement must commit to stopping fossil fuels, without cheating, without loopholes, without offsetting scams and without green rendering,” Greenpeace says. “Governments must isolate Saudi Arabia, Australia and Brazil, the champions of the loopholes, in support of climate-vulnerable countries. Halfway through the talks, countries have so far declared a series of voluntary agreements containing vague language and major loopholes. There are less than five days to reach a proper agreement.”

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