Matic: The price of T.500 flour bread is limited to 46 dinars

The Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matić, announced that the Decree on the obligatory production and trade of bread from T-500 flour was passed at today’s session of the Government of Serbia.

“Today’s Decree limits the maximum retail price of T-500 flour bread to 46 dinars in the next six months, with the possibility of extension,” she stated in a statement published on the Government’s website.

She added that an intervention from the commodity reserves of 30,000 tons of flour is planned, and then, if necessary, the Republic Commodity Reserve will react with additional quantities.

Matic said that the Decree is being passed in order to ensure the supply of the market and preserve the stability of the price of bread due to the jump in the prices of cereals and flour, which have reached record levels in the world and in Serbia.

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