Picking forest fruits is a solid source of income in the Toplica region, where more skilled and organized pickers can earn up to 100 euros a day, and the harvest lasts about ten days, say the buyers.

Now, wild strawberries are harvested, the purchase price of which, depending on the quality, is from seven to eight euros, or a little more than 1,000 dinars per kilogram. It is difficult to pick them because they are hidden and scattered in the woods and under the grass in the meadows, there are few of them, so there are few who are engaged in harvesting.

People who deal with it, say that it is much easier to pick wild blackberries whose season is yet to come, because they are more accessible at lower altitudes up to 500 meters, but because of that their purchase price is slightly lower than the price of wild strawberries and ranges from 600 to 700 dinars per kilogram.

The most profitable is picking blueberries that grow on the slopes of Kopaonik, because their purchase price reaches six euros per kilogram, and experienced pickers can harvest about ten kilograms of that forest fruit a day.

Forest fruits, especially blueberries, are in demand in the world, and are exported from Serbia to Western European countries and Russia.

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