Elbit Systems reported this morning to the stock exchange and the public on 2 transactions amounting to $ 52 million.

The first deal is from its subsidiary in Germany, Elbit Systems Germany, which won a $ 23 million follow.up contract from the Swedish Purchasing Manager to supply additional software radio systems for the Swedish military. The contract will be executed over a period of 30 months.

Following previous contracts received from the Swedish Procurement Manager in 2016, Elbit Systems will now provide additional E.LynXTM software systems for military vehicles as part of Sweden’s tactical radio upgrade program. The E.LynX family of radio systems software has been designed with an open architecture approach, integrating unique waveforms and enabling the adoption of European and NATO waveforms. These systems enable efficient, secure and encrypted military communications of voice, data and video in multiple channels simultaneously.

These communication systems can identify the loads, the blocking attempts and the like on their own, using artificial intelligence to manage the resources of the spectrum and the network and route the communication with maximum efficiency. The E.LynX radio software solution was chosen by a number of European armies, including Switzerland, Spain and other NATO countries.

Elbit Radio Systems / Photo: Elbit Systems

Haim Delmer, CEO of Elbit IT and Cyber ​​Systems, said: “We appreciate the trust and confidence that the Swedish Army expresses in relation to our digital communications capabilities, which testify to the technological quality and reliability of the solution we provide. “Sweden is an important market for Elbit Systems and we hope to continue to expand our operations in the country.“

The second deal is from subsidiary Elbit Systems in the United States, which won $ 29 million in orders to improve night vision systems for U.S. military pilots.

As part of the order, Elbit Systems America will upgrade the night vision systems for the AN / AVS.6 Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging Systems (ANVIS) of the U.S. Army National Guard and National Guard Active Helicopter Units using high.intensity vision amplification technology White phosphorus. Upgrading the night vision capability of existing ANVIS binoculars in U.S. Army fleets will replace the green vision amplifiers currently in service. White phosphor enhances ANVIS binoculars because it displays details in black and white in a way that may look more natural to the eye. The new vision will also provide pilots with better contrast and higher image resolution, for greater distances.

Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO of Elbit Systems America, said: “U.S. Army pilots can perform their missions successfully and fly safely, in all lighting conditions. Upgrading existing U.S. military fleet binoculars to high.power white phosphor provides enhanced brightness. Whether the soldiers are on land or in the air, our team is committed to providing advanced capabilities to the U.S. Army that will “train for its changing night vision needs.“

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