Feletti puts SIGEN to control prices online

The Minister of Internal Trade, Roberto Feletti, put the General Syndicate of the Nation (SIGEN) to monitor the online marketing of supermarkets with the objective of enforcing the price freeze of 1,432 products, which will be in force in principle until January 7.

The agreement arose from a working meeting between both areas, in which the head of the Secretariat, Roberto Feletti, the General Trustee of the Nation, Carlos Montero, and the Deputy Trustees, Irma Miranda and Máximo Borzi de Lucía participated.

At the meeting, the collaboration of SIGEN was agreed to be able to “ensure unrestricted access to basic goods, guaranteeing the aims pursued by the price stabilization policy ”.

The SIGEN, which is actually in charge of internal control, must confirm that the freezing of the assets that make up the list is complied with, they go back to October 1 and remain stable until January 7.

SIGEN will work with a sampling of warehouse products, cleaning and hygiene and personal care, of which it will not only reveal its price online, but also the existence of an adequate stock and its correct supply.

Carlos Montero, General Trustee of the Nation, assured: “We are experiencing the end of this pandemic, where many sectors are beginning to recover but others are not yet. That is why it is essential to closely monitor the evolution of prices, since several have increased unreasonably, without corresponding to recent variations in production costs. ”

Feletti, for his part, stressed that the collaboration of SIGEN “It is very important, since it is added to other current evaluation and monitoring devices, which allow us to have a broad panorama of the fulfillment of the program throughout the country ”. It is “a central input to adjust what has to be adjusted and thus guarantee access for all Argentines and all Argentines to the varied basket offered by + Precious Care”.

In that sense, he explained that “for us, from the Ministry of Internal Trade, it is essential to coordinate with different actors and entities with a presence throughout the country”, since “it helps us to guarantee effective compliance with the + Care Prices program.” Along these lines, he assured that “This agreement with SIGEN is great news, which will strengthen the development of this public policy at the federal level.”

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