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Beyond with , Which last night published quarterly reports and disappointed investors in both the top and bottom line (see update from this morning) falls more than 12% in trading volume significantly higher than its average.

Rivian, a manufacturer of electric commercial vehicles that joined the trade yesterday (and jumped 28%), continues to concentrate interest even today and is already leaping more than 23%. The company issued at a value of $ 77 billion and now hovers around a market value of $ 121 billion.


Trading on Wall Street continues to be a mixed trend, with the S&P 500 rising 0.2%, the Nasdaq advancing nearly 0.8% and the Dow Jones losing 0.2% – partly due to the sharp decline that Disney shares are recording.

The Israeli chip company Wellness Deletes over 7% after publishing its first financial statements since it was merged with SPAC at the end of September, according to which revenues grew by 49%. The net loss for the quarter was $ 8.5 million, a slight decrease compared to last year, but since the beginning of the year the loss has jumped by 36% and amounts to $ 18.6 million. The company slightly raised its full-year revenue forecast to $ 69.4-70.6 million, above the previous forecast of $ 69 million.

on the other side, Pioneer The Israeli jumps over 15% after the publication of its quarterly results last night (after their publication jumped by 8.4% in late trading). In the third quarter, the company’s revenues totaled about $ 123 million, similar to analysts’ forecasts, a figure that reflects growth of 35.5% compared to the corresponding quarter. The company presented a bottom line balance while analysts expected a loss. At the same time, it has raised its annual forecast.

In Europe, trading closed with slight price increases. The Dax was up 0.1%, Potsey was up 0.5% and Kak was close to 0.2%.

In London there was a sharp decline in the fashion group barbaric Which published reports, and also Next Lost height. On the other hand, American Airlines stood out with an increase of 5.9%. In Frankfurt Siemens stood out with an increase of close to 3% while Siemens Energy lost almost 4%.


Wall Street opened with price increases. The S&P 500 is up 0.3%, the NASDAQ is up 0.7% and the Dow Jones is trading steadily. Pioneer , Nice andGlobal Island Centers of interest and record beautiful ascents.

Stock Walt disney Loses close to 8% after missing analysts’ forecasts in the last quarter. The company reported earnings of just 37 cents a share while the market expected 51 cents. The sales line was also disappointing – quarterly sales stood at $ 18.5 billion while estimates predicted sales of about $ 18.8 billion. The number of new subscribers to the Disney + service also disappointed investors.


Celebrity The Israeli falls 8% in pre-trade on Wall Street, after publishing its first financial statements as a public company yesterday – in which it provided positive financial results and raised its annual forecast. The company began trading on NASDAQ about two months ago after completing a $ 2.4 billion merger with SPAC, and is now trading at a lower value than its $ 1.9 billion merger.

On the other hand, Compugen Jumps 14% in early trading, after announcing today that Bristol Myers Squeeze (NYSE: BMY) has completed a $ 20 million investment in Compugen in exchange for 2.3 million shares, purchased at a price of $ 8.57 per share reflecting a 33% premium to the price The stock closed on the Nasdaq on November 9.

Nice, Pioneer, Dario Heath, Tabula, Monday and Kaltura are also of interest.

Shares of electric vehicle maker Rivian (NYSE: RIVN), which began trading just yesterday and has already soared by 29%, continue to excite investors even today and are climbing pre-6%. On the other hand, Beyond with Submarine by 17% after disappointing reports (see update from this morning).


Strong quarter for technology company NICE: The company exceeded analysts’ forecasts and at the same time raised its annual forecast again, against the background of continued growth in its cloud revenue. Nice Recorded 19.9% ​​quarterly revenue (Non-GAAP) of $ 494 million. GAAP’s net profit attributable to shareholders in the third quarter was $ 47 million, compared to $ 50.8 million in the previous quarter. On a non-GAAP basis, excluding various accounting items including capital rewards for employees and amortization of intangible assets, net income of approximately $ 113 million was recorded, an increase of 20.3% over the corresponding quarter. Earnings per share were $ 1.68, 10 cents above analysts’ forecasts.


In the trading arena on Wall Street futures contracts, there are slight increases. Slight rises are also being recorded on European stock exchanges.

After you have joined Faber Topped the forecasts in the results of the quarter published yesterday and provided a forecast above expectations for the next quarter, Oppenheimer estimates that “the company will expand into the corporate market segment over the coming years, thus maintaining the Outperform recommendation with a target price of $ 225 per share, based on a multiplier of 1823.

Regarding Monday Oppenheimer notes that the company “presented particularly strong reports, with an acceleration in annual growth to a high annual rate of 95% and a considerable surprise compared to consensus forecasts. Monday continues to invest aggressively in development, marketing and sales, and is not expected to move to profitability until 2023. These investments are expected to lead to higher growth. “50% in revenue, with the potential for a further positive surprise. We rate MNDY on the Outperform recommendation and raise the target price from $ 420 to $ 460 per share, in line with raising forecasts.”


Trading on European stock markets opened in a mixed trend with a tendency for gains. In the trading of contracts on US stock market indices, stability is evident.

Gold continues to strengthen and climbs by about 0.5% and oil is trading steadily.


Stock Beyond with Collapsed 18% in late trading on Wall Street last night, after the company reported a loss of about $ 55 million in the last quarter, 87 cents a share, compared to a loss of $ 19.3 million in the same quarter last year. The company’s revenue for the quarter increased by 13% to about $ 106 million. Analysts had expected earnings of $ 109 million and a loss of 37 cents a share.

For the current quarter, the company expects revenues of $ 85-110 million, compared to analysts’ expectations of $ 130 million.

WIX Reported after the end of trading on Wall Street a 26% increase in revenue in the third quarter, compared to the same quarter last year, to a level of about $ 321 million. On the bottom line, the company posted a net profit of $ 16.7 million, 28 cents a share.


Trading on Asian stock markets today is in a mixed trend with a tendency for gains. The Nikkei is up 0.6%, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is up 0.8% and Hong Kong is stable. The yield on 10-year US government bonds jumps to 1.54%.

Evergrande shares are up 5.5% in Hong Kong amid reports that the real estate company has paid interest to some of its bondholders.

The negative trend in New York continued yesterday, following the publication of US inflation data. Leading stock indices fell by 0.6% to 1.7% at the close. In the trading arena on Wall Street futures the trend is mixed.

Stefan Monier, chief investment officer of Swiss bank Lombard Odier, notes following the release of US inflation data yesterday that “markets believe inflation will be higher over time. Faced with this new reality, investors have raised short-term bond yields and priced earlier interest rate hikes. However, in the US and Europe, central banks have postponed these interest rate expectations – for now. The coming months will be a test for markets and central banks, and the risk of missing out has risen. Interest rate expectations have risen sharply in recent weeks, and rising short-term bond yields suggest that markets now expect interest rates to rise earlier in many developed economies. “From the supply – and higher interest rates can not solve the queues in the ports. In the meantime, inflation is climbing well above the 2% target.”

He further writes: “Historically, a rise in inflation is better for investment portfolios than a stagnation, which was a concern of the markets after the summer. Even an analysis of the overall returns of the S&P 500 does not indicate that raising interest rates is necessarily bad for equities: between 2003-2006 “5% in interest rates and the shares yielded a total return of 39%. As long as the prices rise for the right reasons, ie reflect the improvement in the economic situation, stocks can continue to perform well.”

The crypto market is declining and bitcoin is down nearly 3% to $ 64,800,000. Heather also weakened slightly and traded for $ 4,650. In the commodity market, oil is trading at slight increases.

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