STOCK EXCHANGE: In Helsinki, a sharp fall eventually turned into a fine rise

The general index of the Helsinki stock exchange fell by more than two percent during the day, but ended up with a 0.32 percent increase to 9974.04 points.

The most traded stock of the day was Nordea Bank, which ended with a decrease of 1.78 percent to 8.97 euros. Also Nokian and Liquid shares were exchanged diligently. Nokia ended up with a 1.56 percent increase to 4.48 euros. Neste ended up with a 2.47 percent increase to 44.36 euros.

Engineering works Training has received an order for a cardboard production line from a customer in the Asia-Pacific region. The company does not disclose the name of the customer or the value of the order, but says that the value of similar orders is usually 140-180 million euros.

The company also announced another order on Tuesday. At that time, Valmet said that it was supplying technology for a packaging board machine to Vietnam. Valmet did not say the exact value of this order either, but the range for similar orders is 20-30 million euros.

Valmet’s share ended with an increase of 1.56 percent to 20.85 euros.

Engineering works Metso Outotec has received an order from an iron ore pelletizing plant. Metso Outotec does not disclose the value of the order, but says that it will record the order in the third quarter in the order backlog of the metals segment.

Metso Outotec’s share ended with a decrease of 2.39 percent to 6.71 euros.

Multidisciplinary to the Aspo Group part of Telko buys the business of the Norwegian Johan Steenks AS. Johan Steenks is a distributor of technical plastic raw materials and plastic additives. The company’s turnover is around 5 million euros. The acquisition does not require the approval of the competition authority, and Telko estimates that the transaction will be completed in early October.

Aspo’s share ended with a decrease of 1.47 percent to 7.37 euros

A software company Innofactor said in the morning that he would start a program to buy his own shares. Within the framework of the program, the company can buy a maximum of 0.8 million of its own shares.

Innofactor’s share ended with an increase of 1.43 percent to 0.85 euros.

Oil prevention and environmental services company Lamor said it has signed an agreement to supply oil spill response and waste management solutions to Bangladesh

The total value of the projects consisting of equipment deliveries is approximately 25 million euros. The projects will be delivered within approximately 18 months of the signing of the contracts, and most of the revenue related to the projects will be generated in 2023.

Lamor’s share ended with a decrease of 3.69 percent to 3.90 euros.

IT service house Networks said he won Istekki Oy:n tender for the electronic transaction and management system of the research activities for the welfare regions of Pirkanmaa and Pohjois Savo.

The value of the implementation, commissioning and 4-year maintenance of the acquisition is approximately 1 million euros. In addition, the non-binding value of the development works to be ordered is more than 2 million euros.

Netum’s share ended up 3.41 percent to 3.94 euros in light trading.

Target price changes from analysts

Citi calculated by the steel company SSAB‘s target price to 6.87 euros from 7.01 euros, reiterating the buy recommendation. Also JP Morgan lowered SSAB’s target price to EUR 5.49 from EUR 6.32, reiterating a plus recommendation.

SSAB’s B share ended with a decrease of 0.2 percent to 4.48 euros.

Inderes fell Composite manufacturer Exel Compositesin target price to EUR 6.00 from EUR 7.00 and reiterated the stock’s add recommendation. According to Inderes, the reason for the drop in the target price is lower short-term forecasts than before and an increase in the yield requirement.

Exel’s share ended with a decrease of 0.75 percent to 5.26 euros.

OP in turn, the housing investment company fell Kojamon target price to 14.75 euros from 23.70 euros, but reiterated the stock’s buy recommendation. According to OP’s view, the weakened outlook for the economy and the changed interest rate environment are already prominently reflected in the share price.

Kojamo’s share ended with a 5.68 percent increase to 12.65 euros.

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