The head of the judicial system in Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, won a large majority in the country’s elections. This emerges from the first official publication on government television in Iran. Reuters noted that his opponents in the election had already congratulated him on the victory. The vote count continues at this time, and the official results are expected to be announced tonight.

According to Bloomberg, Raisi has already promised about 17.8 million votes. The only moderate candidate to run in the election is in third place with 2.4 million votes. According to polls, the turnout in the election was only 44%, lower than the turnout in the previous election.

Raisi (60) was also the candidate for victory according to early estimates. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appointed Raisi in 2019 as head of the country’s justice system. He is considered a harsh critic of the West and human rights organizations have been accusing him of serious violations for decades – accusations that his supporters deny. Raisi is on the US Seneca list on suspicion of human rights violations and was among those sentenced to death by thousands of political prisoners with the end of the 1988 war with Iraq.

Raisi also ran in the 2017 presidential election but lost to Hassan Ruchi.

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