Acting director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Djordjevic, and general director of Telecom, Vladimir Lucic, agreed with the patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC), Porfirio, to finance the arrangement of the plateau in front of the Church of St. Mark in Belgrade.

Djordjevic and Lucic reached that agreement at the meeting in Patijarsija, the Post of Serbia announced today.

“The Post of Serbia and Telekom stand by the Serbian Orthodox Church and, as our two largest companies, they want to further improve that cooperation,” it is stated in the announcement.

It is added that as a first step, full support was agreed on the project of arranging the plateau in front of the church of St. Mark.

“Our wish is to arrange a plateau in front of and around the church of St. Mark together with our church. That plateau would get a completely new look and would be the pride of all citizens,” said Djordjevic.

The project will be made by the City of Belgrade, based on the request of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and it will be financed by the Post of Serbia and Telecom.

“That would be our gift to the city, our church and our citizens,” Djordjevic said.

The Post of Serbia and Telecom, as national companies and business partners, will jointly develop socially responsible initiatives aimed at raising the quality of life of both employees and all citizens of Serbia.

“Cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church is the first step in the joint engagement of these two companies in the realization of projects that will benefit the entire social community,” said Lucic.

It is planned that the new project will transform the plateau in front of the church of St. Mark into a pedestrian zone.

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