“The conference is of great interest, both in the Gulf states and in the United States, even though a year has passed since the peace agreements (Abraham’s agreements) signed with Israel. Now that the stage of excitement is over, we get to the real thing, “says the CEO of Mekorot, Eli Cohen, Among the prominent figures who took part in the Forum Investment Global conference held in the UAE, a conference led by the Jerusalem Post Group in collaboration with Khalij Times, the leading media group in the UAE.

“Now that the waves of tourism have passed and the corona is about to end, we are moving to business work in light of the peace agreements and the feeling is that a company like Mekorot is contributing to a stable and economic.business peace between the countries,” Cohen stressed. The purpose of the conference was to shed light on the centers of global economic power, and to promote cooperation between Israeli and emir companies, with the help of the global connections of the Jerusalem Post Group and the media group Halij Times.

One of the hot topics that came up at the conference was energy efficiency and resource conservation, with the most important resource in the region becoming water following the damage of global warming. “Israel has reached an optimal state in the field of water production and supply,” Cohen emphasizes. “There is currently no problem of water for drinking or agriculture, we also supply water to Jordanians, Palestinians and can supply water to any region. Until a few years ago water problems were a cause for war. “Irrelevant, you have the ability to provide the solutions to this issue anywhere in the world, and also to solve the problems of the agricultural industry. It’s time for quality water at a low cost – and we can provide them.“

Mekorot is the national water company of the State of Israel and was founded in 1937. It is a government company operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Finance and it provides about 80 percent of drinking water in Israel and about 70 percent of water consumption in Israel. “The company is older than the country,” Cohen emphasizes. “We specialize in unique saltwater desalination, which is mainly in our area and in the Persian Gulf, and international integration experts, that is, know how to take water from anywhere, improve, channel and transport it to the taps. Who know how to do it and everything under supervision and control in terms of water quality, testing and cyber security for facilities. The level of water quality increases from year to year and this is an area that is consumed, both in our region and third world countries, and in the coming years in Western Europe and USA. Climate warming and a lack of rainfall have become an international problem.

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“The other side is sewage treatment,” he adds, “which has significant business potential that also affects the environment. Israel treats 85 percent of the wastewater it produces, and Mekorot does so in most sewage in the country, whether it is for irrigation or ready.to.drink water.” Issues that are of great interest to Morocco and the Gulf states. “

In recent years, Mekorot has become a technological company in every way and is at the forefront of everything related to innovative developments in the industry – which further raises the great interest that is already being shown in the world. “We have a whole unit that deals only with the development of innovation at the level of products, advanced engineering solutions to the level of establishing companies and financial investments and collaborations with Israeli and international companies,” says Cohen. “We are happy to cooperate within the envelope, or at the investment fund level. “For its establishment – a world.leading source in the field of big data, energy management, water qualities and cyber protection with innovative developments that work great in the field and are proven.“

Cohen emphasizes that many countries in the world, and the Gulf countries in particular, express great interest in the much innovation that is coming out of Israel – which opens the door to regional cooperation. “Israel’s strength is the ability to produce from scratch, we are an edge country that has to take care of its interests in terms of food, water and electricity. A country that constantly invents patents to survive, to refine its capabilities, that is the basis. In the end if we look at ourselves All the crises and wars we have managed to produce here a kind of paradise, and it is very interesting to the world.

“An example of the challenges and successes of the local water economy can be found as early as 60 years ago,” he adds, “In order for the Negev to flourish, water had to be moved from north to south and for that the national carrier was established. Today infrastructure management has become more technological.” Reverse nationals, that is, they take water from desalination facilities and supply it to arid areas. The water to Gaza.

“As someone who has worked for many private and government companies, I believe that the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and other countries in the region are the next thing,” says Cohen. “We hope there will be an exchange of ideas and cultures, that Israelis can go to study in the Emirates Of proving ourselves, both sides want and I believe there is incredible potential here and the sky is no longer the limit. “

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