Record foreign investment reached in the first nine months of 2022

The direct foreign investment (FDI) that Mexico attracted between January and September 2022 amounted to 32 thousand 147 million dollars, the highest figure for the same period since there are records, official data revealed.

According to preliminary information from the Ministry of Economy, said amount is 29.5 percent higher than the 24 thousand 831 million dollars that were previously announced for the same period of 2021.

This is preliminary data because the figure is subsequently ratified in the balance of payments of the Bank of Mexico, to then be constantly updated during the months and even subsequent years.

For example, the preliminary figure for the first nine months has been updated and now, according to information from the SE, it stands at 28,441 million dollars.

The preliminary FDI registered to date for January-September 2022, according to the SE, came from: 3,030 companies with foreign capital participation; 4,404 trust contracts and 21 foreign legal entities.

The agency headed by Raquel Buenrostro added that 45.2 percent of the FDI captured are new investments, 43.7 percent is reinvestment of profits, and 11.1 percent are accounts between companies.

The United States continues to be the main source of FDI for Mexico, since between January and September of this year a total of 12.6 billion dollars came from that country, equivalent to 39.1 percent of all that the country has received in the year. . Below are Canada with 3.1 billion dollars, equivalent to 9.5 percent; Spain with 2 thousand 300 million, which represents 7.1 percent; Argentina, with 1.6 billion dollars, equal to 4.9 percent, and Japan, with 1.3 billion dollars, which means 3.9 percent of the total FDI that Mexico has captured.

At the end of the first nine months of 2022, 36.3 percent, that is, more than a third, was destined for the manufacturing sector. In addition, Mexico City was the preferred destination, with 32 percent of the total.

On the other hand, the SE reported that world FDI flows in 2021 amounted to one trillion 582 billion dollars, 64 percent higher than the amount observed in 2020, when they were 962 billion dollars.

He highlighted that in 2021 Mexico received 2 percent of total FDI flows, which allowed it to rank 10th globally, a drop of one notch, since in 2020 it ranked ninth.

The first places in 2021 were occupied by: the United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Brazil, India, South Africa and Russia.

Global FDI showed strong increases in all regions: in developed countries it went from 319 thousand to 746 thousand million dollars, that of Europe advanced from 81 thousand to 219 thousand million, that of North America did from 174 thousand million to 427 thousand million dollars, that of developing countries from 644 thousand to 837 thousand million, Africa from 39 thousand to 83 thousand million, that of Asia from 519 thousand million to 619 thousand million and that of Latin America and the Caribbean from 86 thousand to 134 billion dollars.

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