Materials technology company Betolar has made an investment decision to expand its innovation center in Kannonkoski next to the company’s current premises. The value of the investment is approximately EUR 0.8 million. The company says in the press release that an investment grant of 25% of the total costs will be applied for from the Central Finland ELY Center for the investment.

According to the company, the expansion of the innovation center enables the scaling of current laboratory operations, the implementation of broader and more versatile innovation programs, the study of new side streams and the testing of larger elements under standardized conditions.

“Betolar’s solutions extend to construction elements as well as mine and soil stabilization, so the new, larger facilities will really be needed as our operations expand. We also need more laboratory capacity and this larger center enables the growth of our testing activities and the development of new innovation solutions”, says Betolar’s Innovation Director Juha Leppänen.

By Editor