The country has a chance huge to lower inflation levels before it becomes a problem structuralthrough fiscal discipline, monetary policy and trade opening, said Jaime Serra Puche, president of the board of BBVA Mexico.

The longer we take to lower inflation, the more complicated it becomes and that is a very important issue, the opportunity to lower it without it being a structural issue is enormous.he said when participating in a meeting with the media.

For his part, Eduardo Osuna Osuna, general director and vice president of BBVA, considered that the institution is a good reflection of the situation that companies and families are going through and that in the last year the credit portfolio has grown five times more than economic activity.

2022 is a good reflection of what we have built in the bank, it is a reflection of what millions of customers do, we are a thermometer of the country’s activity and 2022 has been a very good year for BBVAhe detailed.

The results, Osuna pointed out, are the harvest of the investments that the institution has made in recent years, since there is a strategy and they are already “seeing the fruits… we had a strategy of a lot of innovation in technology, distribution and attention with a lot of investment and proximity to the country, that makes sense with what we see in the macroeconomics and the bank’s numbers”.

In this sense, Osuna pointed out that the credit portfolio is growing five times more than the economy, but it must be taken into account that activity at this time could have growth of more than one percentage point due to the reforms that were launched in the area of ​​employment in the last year.

“Mexico is a country of opportunities, with everything that is discussed, that is why every year there are record investments in technology, new infrastructure, talent and we are ready for our next 90 years…. We invest in Mexico because we see the future”, clarified the general director of the institution.

Osuna emphasized that at the moment the bank finances all the key projects in any region of the country, and although there are always winners and losersThe objective is to promote the economic growth of the country.

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