Drakulić: The situation in the production of pellets is catastrophic, stocks are huge, there is no demand, and export is prohibited
The owner of the Bioenergy Point company, the largest producer of pellets in Serbia, Zoran Drakulić, said today that huge quantities of this energy product have been produced and accumulated on the domestic market, but that sales have stopped because there is no demand, and the Government of Serbia has not lifted the export ban.
He told the Beta agency that the company’s revenues for the production of pellets were reduced and that he had to postpone the payment of wages to employees.

“The situation on the pellet market is catastrophic, there are huge stocks, and sales have completely stopped. Anyone who wanted to, bought pellets and wood so far, so there is no sale of either energy source, and export is prohibited. We thought that The Government of Serbia will lift that ban today, but it looks like it won’t,” Drakulić said.

He added that he came to the factory today to appease the workers due to the delay in the payment of wages for ten days, because they are dissatisfied and want to block the roads.

In August of this year, the Government of Serbia temporarily banned the export of pellets and limited the price to 38,000 dinars per ton.

Drakulić said that he spoke with the representatives of the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade, who told him that they cannot decide on their own to cancel the decision to ban the export of pellets, without the consent of the Minister of Mining and Energy, Dubravka Djedović.

“Djedović does not answer our calls. The government seems to care only that foreign companies are working,” Drakulić said.

He added that the situation on the foreign market is not good either, because it is filled with pellets from Russia and Belarus with false documentation.

“We didn’t take advantage of the situation when there was a great demand for pellets on the foreign market and now we don’t know what to do with the goods that can’t be sold and the workers paid,” said Drakulić.

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