Gol returned to Córdoba and Rosario and there are already five international airlines in the Interior

It already has three times weekly connections between Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo. Copa, Air Europa, Sky, and LATAM are other airlines that arrive without passing via Buenos Aires.

Once more, a number of foreign airline flights are departing from the airports in Cordoba, Mendoza, and now Rosario without stopping in Buenos Aires. The most recent example is that of the Brazilian airline Gol, which started operating again on routes to Cordoba and Rosario in March 2020.

Before the epidemic, Gol was a frequent visitor to these two cities, operating year-round flights to Florianopolis and Rio de Janeiro. It now offers direct flights to Saint Paul from both Rosario and Cordoba.

This return to two of the major interior cities joins an expanding list of foreign airlines that have been given permission by the government to fly straight there, along with Ezeiza and Aeroparque to Cordoba, Mendoza, and Rio Gallegos.

LATAM, Sky Airlines, Air Europa, Copa Airlines, and For the time being, they finish off the peloton.

Gol is a key ally of Argentine airlines, with whom they not only share the global alliance Sky Team but also a shared code under which any party may sell tickets for the other to any of their available routes.

Interestingly, Gol is a low-cost airline that introduced this mode of operation in the region decades ago. It is based on a strong fleet of identical aircraft (now it consists of 135 Boeing 737-800), which will be rented out and replaced with newer models.

It started on Monday, January 21, with three weekly frequencies from Rio de Janeiro’s RIOgaleo airport and three more from So Paulo’s Guarulhos airport, both on non-stop trips and with 176 seats.

By sharing a code with Airlines, it is also possible to go to Brazil from certain of the Airlines routes that connect Córdoba or Rosario with other Interior cities without passing via Buenos Aires. airlines From Córdoba, it has 17 direct local destinations, and from Rosario, it has five more.

Since December of last year, Gol has also resumed service to the airport from Guarulhos, RIOgaleo, and Florianópolis. The service to Mendoza was also restored in June. There will be three additional weekly direct flights from Córdoba and Rosario to Florianopolis in January.

Along with LATAM, the Brazilian airline is one of the most active foreign companies in Argentina. The latter continues to operate at full capacity on its international leg, where another 500 people work, despite shuttering its affiliate LATAM Argentina in June 2020, which resulted in the loss of 1,700 jobs.

Currently, flights are available from Santiago de Chile, Lima, and San Pablo to Ezeiza and Aeroparque. Additionally, it offers direct links to Mendoza and Córdoba (from Santiago de Chile and Lima) (from Santiago, Lima and also San Pablo).

Prior to the pandemic, during the Macri administration, LATAM had started offering direct flights from Tucumán, San Juan, and Neuquén to Santiago; however, those routes were discontinued following the broad crisis of the local aviation industry following the devaluation of 2018.

Air Europa is another international airline that flies into the Interior. Six days a week, he flies double-aisled aircraft from Madrid to Assumption of Paraguay, stopping there before landing in Cordoba.

He said to Clarn diego garcia, the owner of Air Europa in the nation, “The flight to Cordoba is highly positive. It is the second most profitable route of the firm.” He explained, “It comes in Córdoba with an occupation of 70% and leaves Madrid with an occupation of more than 90%, even though some people get off in Asunción. They will change to a frequency of one flight per day beginning in March.

The Panamanian airline Copa Airlines, which had direct flights to five towns in Argentina, is resuming those routes as well. Today, it offers year-round service to Buenos Aires as well as Cordoba and Mendoza. The Jürgen Paulmann ancestors’ Chilean airline, Sky Airlines, operates from Santiago to Ezeiza, Aeroparque, as well as to Mendoza.

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