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The trading day on Wall Street closed with a positive trend. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 1.8 percent, the Nasdaq rose 0.8 percent and the S&P 500 rose 1.4 percent.

Shares of Monday fell 9.1%, while Torchlight Energy jumped 57.6%.


The rises on Wall Street are strengthened, led by the Dow Jones, which is climbing by about 1.8%. WTI oil jumps more than 3% and pulls the energy sector up sharply.

Prominent among Israeli stocks Monday In a sharp decline.


European stocks closed up 0.5% -1%. On Wall Street, the positive trend continues. The yield on 10-year US bonds stabilizes at 1.47%.

The crypto market is recording another day of declines, amid tightening restrictions on bitcoin activity in China. Bitcoin fell 7.7 percent to $ 32,600. China’s central bank has summoned a group of banks and mobile payment apps, including the popular AliPay, and ordered a halt to any bitcoin activity that passes through them. Yesterday the Chinese government halted the supply of electricity to the coin miners and exacerbated the declines in the market. This morning, the Central Bank of China issued a statement summoning the same companies and banks, including the Bank of China for Industry and Commerce, the Bank of China for Agriculture, the Bank of China for Construction, the Postal Savings Bank, and the AliPay mobile payments company AliBaba.


Rises on Wall Street are strengthening, led by the Dow Jones industrial average, which is up 1.6 percent. The energy sector stands out with sharp rises in parallel with a 1.7% rise in the price of oil.

Among Israeli stocks, gains are noticeable Zim , ICL, Ormat Technologies And Ituran. On the other hand, significant declines are taking place Foresight And Lemonade.


The trading week on Wall Street opened in a positive trend, led by the Dow Jones index, which rose by 0.6%.

Significant gains are recorded by AMC and the Wakami stock, and on the other hand, marked declines are recorded Weeks And Lemonade.


European stock markets have moved up price, led by the German DAX index, which is up 0.6%. Deutsche Bank loses 1% on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in high trading and Bayer Shiloh 1.7%. The CAC adds close to 0.3%, while Renault shares are up 0.3% and Airbus is down 0.5%.

The pottery is up 0.1%, led by the 32% Morrison supermarket chain. On the other hand, Lloyds Bank and Barclays Investment Bank are separated by more than 1% each in high trading volumes.

The crypto market has continued to turn red, with Bitcoin losing close to 5% in the last 24 hours, trading below $ 32,000. Etherium has lost $ 100 in value in the last hour and is trading for just $ 1,905. The dogequin collapsed to 21 cents, the ripple to 65 cents.

The declines in virtual currencies are recorded against the background of tightening restrictions on bitcoin activity in China. China’s central bank has summoned a group of banks and mobile payment apps, including the popular AliPay, and ordered a halt to any bitcoin activity that passes through them. Yesterday the Chinese government stopped the supply of electricity to the coin miners and exacerbated the declines in the market.


Trading in Europe is now on a mixed trend, with the DAX up 0.2%, and the Potsy and Kak traded relatively stable, with slight ups and downs. The Portuguese stock market mimics the sharp decline it recorded this morning and is now rising about 0.3%.

The British supermarket group Morrison continues to leap in high turnover. Other winners in London: Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Rakit Bankizer. Rolls-Royce continues to lose ground, as do Lloyds Bank, British Telecom, Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays.

On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank continues to decline (-0.9%), as do Bayer (-1.7%) and Siemens Energy (-1.1%). On the other hand, the Deutsche Bourse is up 1.8%, Volkswagen is up 1% and BMW is up 0.9%.

Wall Street indices are trading higher and signaling a positive opening in the US market. The Dow Jones is up close to 0.5%, the Nasdaq and S&P 500 are up 0.4% each. Prior to the opening, Torchlight Energy is concentrating, soaring 42%.

The yield on 10-year US bonds, which stood at 1.36% this morning, recovered slightly and rose to 1.42%.

GodBitcoin Continues to decline, and is now trading below $ 33,000. GodEtherium Approaches prefix replacement and trades for only $ 2,008 and completes a 20% drop per week. The dogecoin stands at 25 cents, the ripple dropped to 69 cents.


Trading in Europe also started on the downside, with declines of 0.6% in the DAX, 0.5% in the Potsy and 0.8% in the CAC. The Madrid stock exchange is losing 1.1% and the Portuguese index is losing close to 3%.

In Germany there are marked declines inDeutsche Bank (1.6%-), in Iyar (2.3%) and Siemens Energy (1.2%). The negative trend of car companies continues in Europe as well, with slight declines for Volkswagen and BMW. In England, Rolls-Royce loses 2.4%.

Shares of UK supermarket chain Morrison are soaring 31% in high turnover, after it reportedly rejected a £ 5.5 billion ($ 7.6 billion) takeover bid from US private investment firm Clayton, Dobleier and Rice (CD&R). The company claimed that this was too low an offer, but gave the investment company an extension until July 17 to submit a repurchase offer.


The declines in Asian stock markets continue. The Japanese Nikkei closed down 3.3%, the Taiwanese index fell 1.5% and the Sydney Stock Exchange lost 1.8%.

There is a mixed trend in China, with Hong Kong losing 1.1%, Shanghai mimicking the declines it recorded this morning and trading steadily, and the Shenzhen index actually climbing slightly up (0.3%).

The declines in the Tokyo Stock Exchange were led by automotive companies that experienced significant declines: Mitsubishi (2.3%), Nissan (4%), Toyota (2%), Honda (3.9%), Mazda (4.1%), Isuzu (3%) , Subaru (3.6%) and Suzuki (4.5%). Only seven companies in the Japanese index enjoyed modest lifts on this trading day, among them Sony andKawasaki.


Trading on the Asian stock markets is this morning in sharp declines following the declines recorded over the weekend on Wall Street against the background of the Fed’s signs of a change in policy. Yields on 30-year US bonds fall below 2%. The Japanese Nikkei is down 3.5%, Hong Kong is down 1.2% and Shanghai is down 0.2%. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is trading steadily.

The Kospi index is down 1% and Taiwan 1.4%. The Sydney Stock Exchange also weakened and retreated 1.8% led by bank shares: Communals Bank of Australia was down 5.2%, Bandigo and Adelaide Bank were down 5% and Queensland Bank was down 4.5%.

In Tokyo, car companies are recording sharp declines, led by Mitsubishi Logistics, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda andToyota. In China, there are significant declines in the Chinese fuel company and the airline Hainan Airlines, And in Hong Kong Shiomi Loses close to 3%.

The price of an ounce of gold fell over the weekend by more than $ 100, to only $ 1,762. Gold began to recover yesterday, and now contracts for August are trading up slightly at a price of $ 1,775 an ounce.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, continues to trade below $ 34,000, when just a week ago the currency jumped to $ 41,000, when the founder Tesla Elon Musk has announced that the company will consider accepting Bitcoin as payment if mining is allowed, at least 50% of which is green energy.

Later today Wall Street trading week is expected to open in declines. Dow Jones futures are down 0.6%, the S&P 500 is down 0.5% and the Nasdaq is down 0.2%, after US indices fell on Friday following the Federal Reserve’s announcement that the next rate hike is likely to take place only in 2022.

Meanwhile, yields on U.S. government bonds continue to plummet. The yield on 10-year bonds is losing 5.5% and now stands at only 1.36%.

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