Representatives of the Strike Committee of the Fiat Plastic factory, whose workers have been on strike since February, are satisfied with today’s conversation with the Minister of Labor, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, who promised them that she would get involved in resolving the dispute with the employer.

After the meeting, the member of the Strike Committee, Bojan Božović, told the Beta agency that the Ministry of Labor expressed their will to solve the problems with the involvement of the Ministry and the personal engagement of Minister Kisić Tepavčević.

The meeting was held at the invitation of the Minister of Labor, to whom the Strike Committee sent an open letter last week, in which he expressed the expectation that he would get involved in solving the problem of workers’ rights.

According to Božović, in addition to the minister, the heads of the Labor Inspection and the Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, the assistant minister and experts in labor law also participated in the meeting.

“The minister promised to contact the Fiat Plastic factory in order to resolve the dispute. We do not know exactly how the problems will be resolved, but we will be informed about that after the conversation with the employer,” Bozovic said.

He said that surprise was expressed at the meeting because, as they assessed, a “big problem arose due to little money”.

Representatives of the Strike Committee pointed out that they are leading a fourth strike due to low wages and constant violations of labor legislation by the employer.

The strike in Fiat Plastic started due to the reduction of regress at the beginning of the year and with the demand of the workers to return to the level from 2020, as if the leave had been paid 65 percent.

During the strike, a request was added for the employer to return the machines for the production of bumpers for 500L, which he moved to the sister company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia in the middle of the work stoppage.

The return to work of 13 workers who were sent on forced leave “without a written solution”, including members of the Strike Committee, is also requested.

Last Wednesday, the president of the Strike Committee and his deputy were banned from entering the factory.

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