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Mixed trend on European stock exchanges: The London Stock Exchange is down 0.5%, the German and Paris stock exchanges are up 0.2%, and the Italian Stock Exchange remains stable.

The share of the Swiss luxury goods company Richemont rises by about 8% after publishing strong reports.


After a volatile day on Asian stock markets, Chinese and Hong Kong indices traded mostly up gains. The Shanghai Composite Index was up 0.2%, Shenzhen was stable and the Hang Seng was up 0.3%. While JD.COM shares jumped more than 5% after Bachelors Day, Alibaba lost 0.5%. Electric vehicle maker Gili was down 1.9%, while Shiomi was up 0.5%.

In Europe, there are mainly moderate declines at this time, with the French CAC index being among the few to record increases (only 0.08%). among the rest, Renault Jumps by 3.6% and Louis Vuitton rises by 0.9%.

Astrazenica continues to stand out in London with a decline of 3.8%, group barbaric Increases by 2.8%. Prominent in Frankfurt Deutsche Telekom Which is up 2% in the highest trading volume in the Dax index. The pharmaceutical company soup Increases by 2.8%, Siemens Decreases by 2%.

Futures on Wall Street are still trading in a positive trend.


Trading in Europe opened in a mixed trend, with slight gains in the CAC and DAX index while Potsy recorded a slight decline.

Among other things, the pharmaceutical giant is overshadowing the pharmaceutical index Astraznica (AstraZeneca) posted a loss of £ 2 billion ($ 2.6 billion) in the third quarter, compared to a profit of £ 853 million last year ($ 1.1 billion). This is while revenues jumped 28% to $ 9.9 billion – $ 1 billion of that from the Corona vaccine. It met analysts’ estimates of revenue (forecast $ 9.6 billion), but posted adjusted earnings per share of $ 1.08 while the market estimated $ 1.24 earnings per share (after one-time expenses related to the merger of Alexion that Astraznica acquired for $ 39 billion). The full-year earnings forecast remains between $ 5.05 and $ 5.40 per share.


The Japanese Nikkei closed up 1.4%. Among others, the Softbank Group, Toyota, the Tokyo Electric Company, the Mitsubishi Financial Bank and the oil giant Infax stood out.

Trend change in Hong Kong and Shanghai: The Hang Seng Index is up 0.1%, Shanghai is up 0.2%. Evergrand stands out with a 13% jump in the second-largest trading volume on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The first is the solar energy company GCL Foley which is soaring by 9% after governments China and the United States announced at the Glasgow conference that they would work together to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions for the current decade.


Trading on the various stock exchanges in Asia is taking place in a mixed trend. The Nikkei index is strengthening close to 1%, with automakers standing out. Toyota is up 2.5%, Isuzu is up 3.2%, Honda is up 1.1%. On the other hand, Suzuki loses 2.4%.

The Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen indices weaken by 0.1%. In the Hang Seng index, the restaurant chain Heidlau stands out, which dives by 7% and the Alibaba share, which loses 1.4%, despite record data from its sales on Bachelors Day. The company noted that sales in the last 11 days totaled 540.3 billion yuan ($ 84.54 billion), a jump of more than 8% compared to 498.2 billion yuan last year.

In the trading arena on Wall Street futures the trend is positive this morning, after a mixed lock last night. The S & P500 and Nasdaq were up 0.6% and 0.5% respectively, the Dow Jones lost about 0.4%. This morning the contracts signal a rise of about 0.2% in the three major indices.

In the foreign exchange market, trading is calm and stable at this time, with the dollar strengthening slightly against the shekel and trading at NIS 3,118. The euro, on the other hand, weakened slightly to NIS 3,567. The pound dropped to NIS 4,167.

In the crypto sector, too, the situation is calm, and Bitcoin is trading around $ 65,000. Heather maintained slightly to $ 4,762 per unit.

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