Couriers on strike on 11/26 for Amazon’s Black Friday

General strike on Friday 26 November, Black Friday, of the drivers, employees of companies associated with Assoespressi who make deliveries on behalf of Amazon.

This was decided by the unitary national assembly of executives and delegates from the Amazon contract goods delivery sector, which gave a mandate to Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti to proclaim the strike. The national secretary of FILT CGIL Michele De Rose writes on Facebook.

“At the base of the strike – explained the national director of Filt CGIL – there is a request to lower loads and work rates, become unsustainable, and to reduce the weekly working hours of drivers. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide continuity of employment to all staff, on the occasion of contract and contract changes. The liability on drivers in cases of damage and deductibles must be reduced and the economic value of the trip increased and the performance bonus introduced. We ask – De Rose explained, concluding his speech – to guarantee the legislation on privacy, data management and remote control, excluding any repercussions of a disciplinary nature “.

Amazon’s replication

Amazon collaborates with dozens of delivery service providers, with couriers hired and paid according to the national contract: “Ensuring a positive experience for couriers is a priority” for the company and for this reason works “closely with suppliers. of delivery services to jointly define realistic goals that do not put pressure on them or their employees “.

Amazon writes in a note, after the news of the general strike on Friday 26 November, Black Friday, of the drivers, employees of the companies associated with Assoespressi who carry out deliveries on behalf of Amazon, decided (but not yet proclaimed) by the unions.

“With regard to the strike declared today by the trade unions – writes Amazon in a note – we hope that the negotiations regarding the delivery service providers can resume and come to a positive conclusion. Regarding our commitment to our employees and the employees of our service providers, we would like to point out that Amazon works with dozens of delivery service providers who provide employment opportunities to thousands of people across the country who deal with deliver orders to our customers. THE couriers are hired by delivery service providers at the G1 level of the National Labor Agreement for Transport and Logistics with an entry salary of 1,658 euros gross per month for full-time employees, and in addition to 300 euros net per month as a daily allowance “.

“Amazon – continues the press release – makes one available to its service providers route planning technology which takes into account various factors, such as traffic, to determine how many deliveries a driver can safely make. Drivers are free to decide whether or not to follow the directions provided, but based on experience this technology has proved to be an effective route planning tool “.

“Over 96% of the routes operated in Italy – notes Amazon – it is completed by the end of business hours and, frequently, well in advance of its conclusion. This is also thanks to the fact that companies providing delivery services are ready, at any time of the day, to provide the necessary support to their employees “.

Amazon “requires all delivery service providers to operate in compliance with applicable regulations and the Amazon Supplier Code of Conduct, paying attention to ensure that drivers have adequate pay and working hours, and we carry out checks on every report of non-compliance also with regard to the salary and contribution aspects and the regularity of employment practices “.

“If it is found that a supplier is not respecting our expectations and is violating the regulations in force – concludes the note – we adopt the remedies provided for in the contract, including the interruption of the contractual relationship. When these situations occur, we make every effort to ensure that the couriers of a delivery service provider that ends its collaboration with Amazon, may still continue their work through the new supplier who will take over to take care of the deliveries. ”

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