The extension of the #Superbonus does not convince the web

The 110% Superbonus has been extended. The facility previously introduced by the Relaunch Decree which raises the deduction rate for expenses incurred to 110% for specific interventions in the field of energy efficiency, anti-seismic interventions, installation of photovoltaic systems or infrastructures for recharging electric vehicles in buildings, it will arrive in the Senate in the coming days, and will be confirmed in the 2022 Budget Law.

With the 110% subsidy at the end of August, there were over 43,000 construction sites started (of which 37,128 already admitted as a deduction) for an amount of deductions at the end of the works of 6.2 billion. Tax discounts to renovate the house and stimulate the construction market in crisis, on which, however, checks are needed to avoid abuses, as Mario Draghi pointed out, underlining the problem of rising prices increased with deductions at 110%.

At the same time, the Council of Ministers gave the green light to decree law against fraud on incentives for building renovationsand, to counter the abuses on the assignment of credits, which in less than a year would already amount to 850 million euros.

With the artificial intelligence algorithms of KPI6 we monitored the conversations of users on the network on the extension of the Superbonus, the concessions and the regulatory distinctions it entails.

From October the trend of the conversations included in the hashtag #Superbonus it has reached numerous peaks of interest, a subject strictly connected to the family budgets of Italians and to property owned, which has never stopped discussing online in recent weeks, albeit with an irregular trend.

With the progress of the discussion within the government, interest and engagement have progressively grown, reaching the maximum amount of content produced on the day in which the draft of the budget bill was published, approved during the Council of the Ministers of 28 October, which outlined the news regarding the 110% super bonus.

Users have then continued to follow the parliamentary process until today, conversations, although decreasing, do not tend to go to zero. The discussion and controversy on the provision remain alive and populate the social networks.

The the great interest provoked by the Superbonus does not correspond to an equally great appreciation, and the prevalence of the audience expresses a negative sentiment at 87%. The real-time analysis of positive, negative or sarcastic posts, and the reactions of users is affected by the complaints on Twitter concentrated on the Isee roof of 25 thousand euros in order to take advantage of the concessions, relating to single-family houses.

Many hope that something can change during the discussion in the Senate, but currently the measure provokes dissent, many predict its failure, as well as strong criticism of the so-called “crafty” of the Superbonus, who could exploit the facility for a use undue tax rebates. An amplified discussion on social media after the Government has established that the Revenue Agency will be able to block the amounts for 30 days in case of doubts about the regularity of the operations.

Among the various political forces, the 5 Star Movement is the most active on social media on #superbonus, followed by Lega, Italia Viva and the Democratic Party. In recent weeks, the appeal to the government of the Grillini parliamentarians has been pressing and continuous, fueling the online discussion on the facilities that favor the ecological transition.

* Analysts: Gaetano Masi, Marco Mazza, Giuseppe Lo Forte, Pietro La Torre; Design: Cristina, Addonizio; Journalist, content editor: Massimo Fellini

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