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European stock markets have closed in a mixed trend. Mixed trading continued on Wall Street as well.

The FDA has chosen to approve the company’s drug In Eugene For the treatment of Alzheimer’s. The approval comes after many upheavals the product has gone through, and there has been much uncertainty about its approval, with the US Food and Drug Administration supporting the approval but an external advisory committee, convened by the FDA, opposes claiming not enough information was collected about the drug’s effectiveness. The FDA has ultimately decided to rule against the external advisory committee, and in favor of the opinion of its internal experts.

Oppenheimer is beginning to survey Similarweb (NYSE: SMWB), an Israeli provider of digital information analytics solutions, with an Outperform recommendation with a target price of $ 27. “In our opinion, SimilarWeb is a leader in the field of ‘digital intelligence’ with an efficient, competitive platform that allows you to sample, modify and convert raw data into insights that support business decision making.”


Tendency to decline on Wall Street. Among Israeli stocks, sharp rises are noticeable Zim , Foresight, nature , Rada And Ormed.


The trading day on Wall Street opened with a mixed trend, with the leading indices trading steadily. The share of AMC continues to concentrate a lot of interest and records an increase of about 17%.

Company sickle It is reported today that the products division – Senstar, which deals with peripheral intrusion detection and video systems management solutions, has won a multi.million dollar contract for an integrated perimeter security system at one of the major airports in Asia.


European stock markets have moved up slightly. The pottery and kak strengthen close to 0.3%, the DAX trades steadily with a tendency for increases of up to 0.1%. Deutsche Bank shares are down 0.4%, and British Lloyds Bank is up 1.3%.

Car stocks are now climbing in Europe: BMW is up 1.3% in Germany, Rolls.Royce is up 1.2% in the UK.

Wall Street futures are trading in a mixed trend, with Dow Jones contracts trading up 0.15% while the Nasdaq is down 0.1%. Early trading stands out
RA Medical Systems which jumps 55%. Purple Biotech continues to decline (.10%). Hmm stocks, including GameStop, AMC, Blackberry and Cloth & Beyond, are still in the spotlight today.


The declines in European stock markets have moderated, and the DAX and CAC indices are now trading steadily. The Potsy index is up 0.1%.

Wall Street futures are down slightly: the S&P 500 is down 0.19% and the Nasdaq is up 0.4%. Blackberry And Nike Brand. The Israeli Purple Biotech Falls 12.8% in early trading.

Oppenheimer Israel published today a reference to the American employment report for May, which had slightly more encouraging data than the April report. “Demand for workers remains strong and continues to recover faster than supply. The number of jobs added to the economy in May was lower than expected, the average hourly wage jumped and the labor force participation rate fell, even though the number of job vacancies is at a record high. “The labor market is still in a deficit of about 7.6 million jobs. The statements of most of the Fed’s senior officials in the last two weeks have sent a reassuring message to the markets that the Fed is still not close to the exit door and that at this stage it is less important to think about ‘consider withdrawing from the quantitative easing program.

The crypto market continues to operate without significant fluctuations. Bitcoin hovered around $ 36,000, etherium rose slightly to $ 2,800.


For the first time in three years, the price of oil in the US climbs to $ 70 a barrel. It is estimated that the jump in price prevents the recovery of the economy and the aviation world and the growing demand for fuel, as the spread of the corona decreases and global vaccination continues.


Mixed lock on Asian stock exchanges. The Japanese Nikkei strengthened 0.27%, the Chinese Shanghai rose 0.2% and the Korean Kospi added 0.37%. Hang Seng decreased 0.5%.

Among the prominent stocks: Nintendo which rose 1.2%, Softbank which rose 0.6% and Mitsubishi which erased the declines from this morning and rose 0.39%. Bank of China lost 1.5% today, Honda shed 1%, Sony parted with 0.6%.


Trading on the European stock exchanges opened in a mixed trend, with the German DAX and French Kak indices shedding up to 0.5%. The pottery is up 0.2%, and the Milan Stock Exchange is also up 0.3%. Deutsche Bank shares are up 0.5% this morning, Siemens is down 1.6% and BMW is up 1%.

In Asia trade continues in a mixed trend, Nikkei and Shanghai rise 0.2%, Hong Kong loses 0.6%.


China’s leading indices are trading the mixed trend this morning, with the Shanghai index losing 0.2%, Shenzhen splitting close to 0.7% and Hang Sang shedding 0.77%. The Japanese Nikkei is up 0.3% and the Korean Kospi is up 0.5%.

Car stocks are weakening this morning in Japan, Mitsubishi is down 2.7%, Nissan is down 2.5% and Honda is down 1%. The two.wheeler manufacturer Kawasaki is also down 3.2%. In China, the share of Hainan Airlines, which falls 4.3%, stands out.

Trading on Wall Street futures is down slightly ahead of the opening of the U.S. trading week. The yield on 10.year U.S. bonds is rising slightly, but is still below the 1.6% threshold.

The digital currency market is on a slight rise, except for DogeCoin, which lost 0.3% this morning and is down to 37 cents per unit. This is still an increase of about 7 cents since it started trading on the largest crypto exchange in the US. Bitcoin is now trading around $ 36,000 per unit, the etherium at about $ 2,700.

Gold weakened 0.2% to trade at $ 1,888 an ounce.

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