Reporting: Audi and BMW are interested in purchasing parts from McLaren

While Audi is staring at the McLaren racing team, BMW is expressing interest in acquiring the manufacturer’s road car division. Is the global supercar market on the way to another huge deal?

Will the coveted carmaker McLaren be acquired by rival German companies? According to reports in Germany, Audi and BMW are interested in acquiring the company, with Audi staring at the McLaren racing group, while BMW is actually interested in acquiring the road car division.

Unlike most supercar manufacturers, such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, for whom the Corona year was wonderful, McLaren did not record an increase in sales.

In the case of the acquisition of McLaren’s Road Car Division, the acquisition of a supercar maker does not seem these days to be the best investment for a carmaker. However, BMW is interested in the division because like Audi (the owner of Lamborghini) and Mercedes-Benz (the owner of AMG) it is also interested in its own supercar maker.

In contrast, in the case of Audi which is interested in McLaren’s sports division, the fact that McLaren is currently one of the few manufacturers that threatens Ferrari’s hegemony, and the fact that Mercedes-Benz AMG has its own racing team, probably contributes quite a bit to the decision.

Beyond all this – about two weeks ago it was announced the execution of one of the most interesting deals between supercar manufacturers, a deal that revived the interest of the larger car manufacturers in exotic car manufacturers: the deal between Porsche, Bugatti and Remak, three car manufacturers that gave birth to a car manufacturer- About new: “Bugatti Remac” which is managed by Porsche and produces cars for customers with extra deep pockets.

Given its involvement in the Porsche project (which itself makes supercars), even BMW, the only German manufacturer that does not own a supercar brand, wants its own toys that can travel at speeds of 300 kilometers per hour.

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