Nikezic (SAA): Authorities in Serbia ignore months of savagery of oil prices

The president of the line committee for economy and finance of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Dusan Nikezic, assessed today that the government in Serbia “ignores the savagery of the price of oil derivatives for several months”, which could lead to a “dramatic drop in living standards”.

As Nikezic stated in the statement, the countries in the region limit the prices of fuel at the gas stations, in order to protect the citizens and the economy.

“Two days ago, Hungary limited fuel prices to 1.31 euros per liter in the next 90 days, while Croatia did the same a month ago, when it limited the price of fuel to 1.46 euros,” Nikezic said.

According to him, those two countries did not reduce either the excise tax or the fuel VAT, “which means that the state’s revenues will not be reduced, but only the earnings of distributors and traders of petroleum products.”

“This government is also responsible for the high price of fuel in Serbia, which has increased the excise tax on diesel from 35.57 to 59.48 dinars per liter since 2012, ie by as much as 67 percent, so it is not surprising that fuel prices in Serbia are in the last year, they have increased by 21 percent and have long since exceeded the limited values ​​in the environment, “Nikezic pointed out.

He demanded that the maximum prices of gasoline and diesel for citizens and the economy be limited, adding that the price of fuel “directly affects the prices of all other groceries”, which, according to him, could lead to a “dramatic drop in living standards”.

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