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Trading in Asia is taking place this morning mainly in price gains. The Nikkei in Tokyo closes steadily, the Shanghai Stock Exchange loses 0.1% while the Shenzhen Index rises 0.6%. The Hong Kong Hong Kong Index is above 1%.

In Tokyo, Toyota, which rose by 1.9%, and Softbank, which added 1.5% in high turnover, stood out, and Subaru also jumped by 5%. In Hong Kong, electric vehicle maker Gili stands out, rising 3% and Shiomi adding 2.3%.

In the U.S. futures segment, stability is recorded, while in the government bond market, slight declines are observed after yields rose last night. The yield on the 10-year bond drops by two basis points to 1.60%.

The crypto market is declining and Bitcoin is shedding close to 7% to $ 61.2 thousand per unit. Heather weakened at a similar rate and traded for about $ 4,350.

Dario Heath The Israeli published quarterly results this morning. Its revenues totaled about $ 5.6 million, an increase of 7% compared to the previous quarter and a jump of 176% compared to the corresponding quarter last year. The net loss (non-GAAP) jumped 151% to $ 11.9 million, compared to a net loss of $ 4.7 million last year. According to the company, the increase was mainly due to the increase in operating expenses.

TuxPace The Israeli crashed 16% in late trading yesterday after publishing reports and updating that the co-founders and CEOs Oren and Roni Frank will leave their positions on the company and the board of directors. But the company missed the revenue forecast and posted revenue of $ 26.4 million, while analysts estimated revenue at $ 31.9 million.

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