Despite the tension: The Biden and Shay meeting ended with a call for cooperation

For the first time since US President Joe Biden took office, he met today (Tuesday), in a virtual meeting, with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The meeting lasted about four hours, and took place at one of the tense junctions in the relations between the two powers. The tension was not hidden in the joint post-meeting announcement, which explicitly addressed the desire to reduce tension, run the competition responsibly and avoid confrontation.

According to various media reports, the conversation was conducted in a very positive tone, with President Xi noting that he was very happy to meet his “old friend” Biden, while President Biden responded that he and Xi had never been so formal between them.

It was further reported that the commercial tension between the two countries was not at the heart of the discussion, nor was the tension around Taiwan, in the South Seas. According to the White House, the two leaders discussed international issues related to North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran, while according to the announcement from Beijing, President Xi stressed the importance of the UN, but added that any international activity without cooperation between China and the United States would be incomplete.

A White House spokesman said after the meeting that President Biden had commented on the need for borders of common sense between the two countries, to ensure that economic competition between them would not develop into a real confrontation, and that communication lines between the leaders would remain open.

In a parallel briefing by a senior Biden administration official, he reiterated that trade issues were not the dominant part of the meeting, and President Biden only emphasized the importance of China meeting its commitments, the first step in a trade agreement between them, to manage economic competition more responsibly. “We did not expect a breakthrough,” a senior official will be briefed, adding that no real tools have been set up to establish relations between the two countries.

The Chinese, for their part, did not purport to present real achievements, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman only announced that the meeting was broad-based, in-depth, visible, substantive, and constructive, which would help move toward positive relations between the two countries and build a consensus.

The Chinese, for their part, also reported that President Xi likened the United States and China to two large ships, which should sail together, without colliding with each other. Xi also remarked during this meeting that in order to establish a new era of good relations between the two powers, they must adhere to three main principles: mutual respect, sufficient subsistence in peace, and cooperation that will be profitable for both.

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