Unelmasalkku starts in Kauppalehti – Hard profit will be rewarded

In January, Kauppalehti will launch a stock market game known from other Nordic countries, Unelmasalkku. It is an investment competition open to everyone and free of charge, participation in which only requires registration.

In the dream portfolio, each player invests 100,000 euros of play money in shares of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The portfolio is virtual and investing is therefore risk-free. In the game, you also don’t have to worry about the rewards normally associated with trading.

The playing time is eight weeks, and the goal is to make the highest possible return.

The player who reached the best return will claim the main prize worth 5,000 euros. In addition to the main prize, in the Unelmasalkku game, prizes of 300 euros are distributed weekly to the player who has reached the best profit of each week.

The dream wallet game starts in earnest on January 18, but you can set up a game wallet already now – you should practice using the game platform in advance.

Everyone interested in investing is welcome to Unelmasalkku, both beginners and more experienced investors. The game offers an opportunity to test your own strategy and compare it to the choices of your competitors.

In the dream portfolio, you can also compete against your friends or, for example, your work community by setting up your own league.

Kauppalehti follows the game closely the whole time and we interview the players involved. Our stories offer ideas and inspiration for picking stocks, as well as peer support during market ups and downs.

Strategies differ

Kauppalehti reports, among other things Stock Exchange Foundation managing director Sari Lounasmeren and Stock savers managing director by Victor Snellman portfolios.

The editorial manager of Kauppalehti’s stock exchange reporting also talks about their stock selections Ninni Myllyoja and Kauppalehti’s news manager Janne Pöysti.

“Myself, I thought of choosing a few potential course rockets for the portfolio. A company whose course has hit rock bottom, but which I think has the potential to succeed,” Pöysti says about his strategy.

“Applying for a hard return in eight weeks is such a big lottery that you should now forget about all stable and good dividend payers. Let’s take a big risk, those who are afraid won’t play,” continues Pöysti.

Sari Lounasmeri, on the other hand, believes that dividend companies will also do well in this competition. Most companies do not have time to pay dividends during the game, but the approach of the busy dividend season can be reflected in the exchange rates.

“I first thought to focus on responsibility, to exclude companies that do not correspond to my own concept of responsibility. After that, I look at the financial indicators, and the one I like the most is the dividend yield. And then I think about other, qualitative factors related to companies, for example, who are the main owners there.”

Ninni Myllyoja plans to choose so-called goodies for her portfolio, i.e. companies that strive to improve the world through their activities.

“There are already plenty of such companies on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Many of them are still in the early stages of growth, so we will see how the rise in interest rates will affect their rates. However, I will boldly participate in the development,” he says.

Victor Snellman has his first child born in February and a portfolio of about ten stocks to be built for him.

“I’m having my first child in February, and I thought I’d practice building a portfolio that would be used for about ten years, and that doesn’t need to be watted, fussed over and monitored every day.”

Create your own Dream Portfolio here.

The dream briefcase competition starts on January 18 and ends on March 15. He is responsible for the main prize of the dream portfolio Command.

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