PKS: Resources and domestic demand are key to economic stability

The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (SCC) announced today that the results of the quarterly survey show that the key factors influencing the implementation of business activities of domestic companies are availability, resource prices and demand in the domestic market, and that companies expect a stable level of exports and employees by the end of the year .

The quarterly survey “Business Activity of Business Entities in the Republic of Serbia”, in which businessmen assessed business in the third and presented expectations for the fourth quarter of this year, shows that in the fourth quarter 80 percent of respondents expect increased or unchanged turnover, while a fifth expect respondents.

According to the statement, the optimism of the respondents in the field of electronic communications is especially emphasized, where as much as 78 percent expect an increase in traffic, and respondents from the tourism sector expect greater uncertainty, where half of respondents predict a drop in traffic in the fourth quarter.

As for the development of exports, businessmen show strong optimism, 36 percent expect growth in inter-quarter exports, while half expect an unchanged level of exports.

Of the total number of respondents who realized imports in the third quarter of this year, which is half of the total number of respondents, 81 percent had an increase or the same volume of imports. For the last quarter of this year, 86 percent of them expect the same or increased imports.

It was added that the expectations of businessmen regarding investments in the fourth quarter are positive, which is shown by the fact that 83 percent of the respondents plan an increased or the same volume of investments compared to the third quarter of this year.

As in previous surveys, the surveyed companies plan to invest the most in imported equipment in the coming period, followed by construction facilities and land and domestic equipment.

As it was announced, in the third quarter of 2021, employment was stable, having in mind that 87 percent of the respondents maintained or increased the number of employed.

Employment has decreased in 13 percent of respondents, and in the last quarter of this year, 92 percent of surveyed companies do not expect a reduction in the number of workers.

The SCC survey on business activity of the economy was conducted on a sample of 1,275 business entities that employ almost 270,000 workers.

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