After the climb, the MEP dollar remains at $ 200 and is on a par with the blue

After the escalation on Tuesday, with increases of up to 6%, the alternative dollars maintain their prices. The stock market dollar or MEP is trading at $200,6, on par with the blue dollar that is sold in $200,5 at the start of the wheel.

The dollar counted with liqui, which yesterday closed at $204, today remains at that level. In yesterday’s conference the Central Bank allowed the financial dollars to be rearranged in the regulated segment without intervening as it had been doing it habitually to keep them around $ 185.

When the Central took his foot off the brake, the MEP raised 15 pesos and the CCL climbed 19 pesos in a single day.

By releasing the reins, the Central allowed the financial dollars to align the regulated segment – with restrictions and “subsidies” from the monetary authority to prevent the price from climbing – with the free segment, where prices are agreed between the private sector without that there are caps. A) Yes the MEP ended at $ 200 in the two markets, while the cash with liqui, the operation to get foreign currency from the country legally, ranged between $ 204 in the regulated and $ 211 in the free.

The Central stopped intervening to preserve the reserves, since in the purchase and sale of bonds to regulate this market of the CCL and the MEP, they were US$2.600 millones so far this year.

In the wholesale segment, the exchange rate opened this Wednesday at $100,33, four cents above yesterday’s close, which shows that the Central continues to maintain the pace it imposed before the elections and thus gives signals to the market that it has no intention of accelerating the pace of devaluation.

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