PKS on the eve of the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs: In Serbia, there are 31 percent of companies run by women

The Entrepreneurship Sector of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce today congratulated women in business on November 19, the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs, with the message that digitalization is key to business success and adaptation to change.

The statement of PKS states that about 31% of “women’s companies” currently operate in Serbia and that one of the main challenges is still the initial capital.

It was pointed out that thanks to the measures of support of the Government of Serbia and PKS, the growth and progress of women’s entrepreneurship is visible.

It was announced that in the coming period, numerous activities will be organized aimed at strengthening women’s entrepreneurship, educating women entrepreneurs and overcoming beginner challenges.

“The PKS Entrepreneurship Sector is working intensively on the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship, on the economic empowerment of women. Our goal is for our entrepreneurs to improve their business, but at the same time to encourage and motivate as many ladies as possible to start their own business,” said Branislav PKS Entrepreneurship Sector. Simanic.

She added that special emphasis is placed on activities aimed at encouraging young women to engage in entrepreneurship.

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