In December, the 180,000 retired teachers who receive their salaries through ANSeS will receive an increase of 14.61%. Added to what was collected in March and September, they will accumulate in the year- end-to-end – 50.6%.

The increase is for the delay in teacher retirements in the face of inflation. And it is granted on account of the one who must receive in March 2022, as established by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.

Unlike the general scheme, retired teachers have access to a special system, with semi-annual increases, linked to the salaries of the assets that they contribute to the ANSeS taking the calendar semesters.

So far, this year they received an increase of 31.4%: in March 19.06% due to the variation in salaries of the second half of 2020 and in September 10.37%, for the first semester of 2021. And with such delayed assets – of more than 20 points in relation to inflation- they should wait until March 2022 to receive the next increase.

For this reason, the Ministerial Resolution established as exceptional measure the payment of an advance on account of which will correspond in March 2022.

With this advance, retired teachers will accumulate, end-to-end, in 4 years – between 2018 and 2021 – a loss of 18% compared to the rise in prices.

The sequence was:

• In 2018, retired teachers received two increases for a total of 22.3%, compared to an inflation of 47.6%. A decline of 17.1%.

• In 2019 the increase in teachers was 49.3% and inflation 53.8%. A loss of 2.9%.

• In 2020 there was a partial recovery: the increase in teachers was 40.8% versus an inflation of 36.1%. An improvement of 3.4%.

• In 2021, the increase will be 50.6% online with inflation.

The differentiated increases for teachers are due to the fact that the sector’s pension law establishes that active workers contribute two additional points (13% of salary) and retire with 82% mobile corresponding to the position they had in activity.

To determine the increases for those already retired, the Social Security Secretariat calculates the semiannual variation of the salaries of active teachers with contributions to the ANSeS, the so-called “Average Teacher Remuneration” (RIPDOC).

82% mobile rules for teacher retirement. Women retire at age 57 and men at age 60, if at least they were in front of students for 10 years.

The Emergency and Solidarity bill at the end of 2019 promoted, along with other regimes, the suspension of the mobility of the two special systems of national teachers and university teachers, as was made effective with the special regime during 2020.

However, due to the claim made by the unions of both sectors, that suspension was excluded upon enactment of the Emergency Law.


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