The Age of Virtual Currencies: The Lakers Hall will be named after the Crypto Exchange

The Staples Center in Los Angeles, which serves as the home of the city’s sports teams, will now be called the “ Arena.” The Virtual Currency Exchange has paid over $ 700 million for the hall name for 20 years. This is the second hall in the American Basketball League to be named after the Crypto Exchange

The hall where the basketball “Superman” plays will be called the Crypto Hall: the Staples Center Sports Hall in Los Angeles, which serves as the home hall of the city’s sports teams including the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks will now be called the “ Arena”. The Lakers play LeBron James, the world’s most popular basketball player, as well as Dwight Howard – nicknamed “Superman”.

The Virtual Currency Exchange (Crypto) has paid more than $ 700 million for the hall’s name for 20 years, according to the LA Times. The hall has been named after the Staples Company since its inception in 1999.

The new logo will be unveiled at Christmas, in the Brooklyn Nets game against the Lakers, according to reports. “In the coming years, people will look back on this moment as the moment crypto enters the mainstream,” said CEO Chris Marsalk, adding that “the next decade belongs to crypto.”

This is not’s first sports deal. Earlier this year, a $ 100 million deal was closed with Formula 1, as well as additional partnerships with various sports teams.

In the NBA there is already a hall whose name is associated with the world of crypto. Earlier this year, the name of the Miami Airlines Group’s American Airlines Arena was renamed after the crypto exchange FTX.

One who was less enthusiastic about the change is Clippers star Paul George, who said that “Staples Center is the place to play,” and for him “it would definitely be weird. It’s good that we’ll not be here too long.” The Clippers Group, owned by Steve Ballmer, will move in 2024 to a new hall called the Intuit Dome.

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